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The world’s first hard kombucha bar

The flavor possibilities are infinite

They call this North Park tasting room the “world’s first hard kombucha bar.” Not hard to believe given high alcohol kombucha didn’t really exist prior to spring 2016. That’s when Chula Vista-based Boochcraft took kombucha, ...

A Mai Tai that courts the palate with a flourish of flavors

Find the enlightened purity of the Buddha himself at the Monkey King

The Monkey King (aka Sun Wukong), a Buddhist superhero of Chinese legend, carries a 17-ton staff and can travel 13,500 miles in one somersault. He can also effortlessly transform into any inanimate object or living ...

VA = Vivisected Army?

Ho skips town after going too far with drunk vets

“San Diego VA division chief Dr. Samuel Ho crossed a line,” says whistleblower Maria Chin. “Running catheters through the necks of numerous alcoholics with deeply compromised health in order to take liver biopsies? There’s a ...

Thanksgiving Feast

E. coli looks up from the plates of a Rancho Santa Fe family gathered together to feast during the a record year for foodborne illness and realizes it has a lot to be thankful for.

The Seventh Siamang

Paltry pill can’t prevent primate procreation

Earlier this month, the San Diego Zoo’s siamang gibbon Eloise gave birth to her seventh child, despite the fact that she had been receiving chemical contraceptives for years. Even though gibbons are an endangered species, ...

Is human nature inherently good or bad?

Yang Xiong's The Fayan collects dialogues and aphorisms on a wide variety of philosophical questions

Yang Xiong As for the sage’s governance of all under Heaven, he uses li and music as the standard. If there were no li and music, then people would be the same as beasts. If ...

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