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Life (and the party) go on in Rio

Olympic flame snuffed, the party continues in Rio de Janeiro.

After months of continuous Olympic coverage two years ago, the questions still being asked about Rio de Janeiro likely include: "Wow! Rio looks incredible - is it really that beautiful?" And: "Wow! Is Rio really ...

Dessert for your camera

Photographing — and eating — raindrop cakes

They’ve been labeled a “viral food,” and “cult dessert,” and been likened to silicone breast implants. The Japanese call them mizu shingen mochi, but the internet really fell in love with them in 2016, when ...

Filipinos unembarrassed about food

Duck embryos and eating with hands

On November 14, a group of Filipino-American chefs cooked their native dishes for about 130 attendees at the DoubleTree Hotel Del Mar to celebrate the I AM A FILIPINO – And This Is How We ...

How to bring poor people to Del Mar

Annex Surf & Turf from San Diego

Will Del Mar horse groomers and fairground carnies be the next group to get squeezed out in the ongoing housing shakedown? Those temporary Del Mar fairground employees may eventually feel the pain due to a ...

Shoulda gone fishing on Thanksgiving

26 anglers scored 56 bluefin and 18 yellowfin

Dock Totals Nov 18 – Nov 24: 2,542 anglers aboard 93 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 742 bluefin tuna, 1,069 yellowfin tuna, 56 skipjack tuna, 1,506 yellowtail, 689 bonito, 74 ...

The hardest thing I’ve ever learned

I hit the rocks and it was just not good

Name: John Lavery Age: 63 From: Pacific Beach Location: Tourmaline Surf Park John Lavery was hauling his board up to the showers after a morning surf in Pacific Beach. Lavery started surfing when he moved ...

Catch a meal, win a prize

1,500 pounds of fish planted on November 19

Dixon Lake, a small, deep reservoir in Escondido, was made famous as the home of an enormous bass. The trout can be quite large, too, and are caught en masse after the lake has been ...

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