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Idle Navy attack subs hit by audit

$1.5 billion spent on vessels with "no operational capability"

The Navy's fleet of 51 attack submarines, a portion of which is based in San Diego, is suffering from a series of "significant maintenance delays and operating and support cost expenditures," that could jeopardize the ...

Valluno picnic in City Heights

A tour of Colombian food on a single platter

It’s a large plate, draped with a plantain leaf, atop which sits a stunning variety of foods. There are rice and stewed pinto beans, and potatoes. The rice is topped with a fried egg, encircled ...


El Monte Valley joins in to help firefighters

Two fire departments worked for two days and one night to put out a fire that started on Sunday, November 18 in El Monte Valley, Lakeside. Over 50 firemen and few dozens inmates preceded by ...

Setting Sun is setting sake trends

Plus a new tasting room and a Japanese Garden party

It’s a rare occasion we get to look at trends emerging in cities like New York and London, and say, That started in San Diego. So credit Josh Hembree and Keldon Premuda of Miramar’s Setting ...

Frontal attack on gig economy

Suit against Lime to end freelance scooter work?

A Northern California man working as a "Juicer" for electric scooter-share operator Lime has filed suit against the company, claiming it improperly classifies thousands of workers as independent contractors in a system designed to skirt ...

“Keep the party going”

Building my heart for homeless neighbors

First Baptist Church of Bostonia Contact: 1025 N 2nd St, El Cajon 619-444-1374 Membership: 150 Pastor: Van Tarpley Age: 46 Born: Baltimore, MD Formation: Johns Hopkins, Baltimore; Indiana University, Claremont school of Theology, San ...