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Cooler water cools down the surface action, except for bluefin tuna.

San Diego fishing Nov. 11-17

Dock Totals Nov 11 – Nov 17: 2,282 anglers aboard 107 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 1,499 bluefin tuna, 441 yellowfin tuna, 113 skipjack tuna, 1 bigeye tuna, 5 dorado, ...

Baja 1000 riders hit smoke

Dairy farm fire on the way to Ensenada

Baja 1000 racer Ryan Edwards was on his way down to Ensenada on Tuesday morning, November 13, when he had to pull over on the side of the Mexican Federal Highway 1D toll road — ...

$500 apartment in North Park? – dream on

Craigslist scams grow like Topsy

As North Park property values increase to an all-time high, so have scams on renters. “My husband and I had already rented this [North Park] unit in May,” Kersu Dalal said on November 15, “and ...

Four kinds of fish and chips

The third favorite may surprise you

Probably one of the most urban things about downtown San Diego is its motley accumulation of restaurants. Most of the press goes to well-financed, high-volume eateries with glossy interiors, PR representation, and “up and coming” ...

The green turtles hang on

From the Gulf of Ulloa to south San Diego Bay

The Gulf of Ulloa is south/southeast of San Diego along the Pacific coast of the Baja peninsula. It is vibrant with sea life. Whales cruise and forage the gulf during annual migratory patterns; tuna, wahoo, ...

Throw a shaka to the crowd

Kiteboarding in San Diego

Pacific Beach resident Dan Larsen and his buddies usually kiteboard in Tourmaline Surf Park. Larsen, 49, has been kiteboarding for 15 years. “My personal style of riding is more focused on freestyle and wakestyle tricks ...