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Close, but no thanks

It's tough to quit your favorite taco truck

When I heard about a new mariscos food truck parking in Golden Hill, I started fluttering around it like a moth on a porchlight. Mariscos El Chingon has started parking daily in front of Anakin’s ...

Collaborations are more fun in pairs

Brewers team up for beers that play well together

Pouring nearly 50 distinct brewery collaboration beers this year, the Karl Strauss Brewing beer week party dubbed Collabapalooza (November 10) showcases a San Diego brewing community that remains for the most part interconnected and mutually ...

Finally a landing and take-off

CPAir starts service from Carlsbad

After a failed launch of California Pacific Airlines on November 1, due to a maintenance issue, the rescheduled maiden flights of a new Carlsbad-based airline took off on November 2. It’s been nine years in ...

Rescues at Boundary Line, Ventura Street Bridge, maybe murder at Bonita Cove

San Diego lifeguard reports Oct. 1-7

Oct 7 13:58 Medical: Medical distress call, report of man down on stairs at the foot of Gravilla at Neptune. Slip and fall. Lifeguard, emergency, and medical units respond. Medics transport patient to Scripps La ...

Bit her lip at Sunset Cliffs

“I don’t say surfing is an easy sport"

Name: Masa Rogers Age: 40 From: East County Location: Tourmaline Surf Park On a crowded day in Tourmaline, Masa Rogers was walking to the showers while balancing a board over her head. “There’s a nice ...