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Too ugly

And NASCAR said they were too fast

“They were considered ugly and too expensive,” says Bob Meigs, of his rare 1970 Plymouth Superbird. Meigs, a Solana Beach collector of classic cars, is the car show coordinator for the San Diego County Fair. ...

San Diego's nine hot spots for illegal dumping

Point Loma, City Heights, Logan Heights, Paradise Hills, Ocean Beach, Mission and Pacific Beaches, Webster & Mt. Hope, San Ysidro

At about 1:30 am on Saturday, April 28th Lizzie Rodriguez heard noises coming from outside her casita in Memorial Park. The next morning, she found an old couch and a bike dumped along the sidewalk ...

County unemployment dips below 3 percent

Services up 4500 jobs from March, construction 2000

County unemployment broke below 3 percent in April, coming in at 2.9 percent, down from a revised 3.2 percent in March. The April rate was down from 3.9 percent a year ago, and down from ...

"You're tearing me apart!"

James Dean has nothing on Ryan Reynolds in this week's new movie releases, including Deadpool 2 and The Desert Bride

I've been on about this before, but one of the things that make so many superhero punch-ups so deadly dull is the Toughness Inconsistency Index, which states that the amount of punishment a hero can ...

City board to SDG&E: Drop dead

Will city compete with utility?

Recommendations from an advisory board to San Diego's city council and Mayor Kevin Faulconer that a clean energy plan from San Diego Gas & Electric be rejected could clear the way for the city to ...

Fletcher couple rumbles over spousal support

Custody and visitation rights loom in candidate’s court fight

The public persona of Nathan Fletcher, Republican-turned-Independent running for county supervisor as a Democrat, is embodied in the photo atop his Facebook page as a portrait of a happily blended family: he and second wife, ...

Triple-X entertainment

Project X, The Return of Dr. X, and X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

John Badham’s Project X (1987) What is an inordinately intelligent baby chimp like Virgil to do when, in the great tradition of Walt Disney, we open with the removal of not one, but two of ...

Shimmer happens

Real men drink glitter beer. Get over it.

If you’ve never heard of glitter beer, the internet sure has. A March Vice Munchies story reported that female brewers in the craft beer business had innovated the process of infusing beer with food grade ...

Eight haiku

Andrew Hamlin likes to photograph shoes and write about dog shit

Slashed samurai gills on a hooked quivering fish resigned to the air *** Cold cup of coffee poinsettia by the window winter hugs April *** Half a carrot by the knife and teakettle... spring storm ...

Garrison the man

"If other men choose to go upon all fours, I choose to stand erect."

Garrison the man

Brine, smoke, and peppery crust

Pastrami nourishment in Serra Mesa

Among the snappier lines to come out of the Old Testament story about Israelites eating manna from heaven is, “man does not live by bread alone.” It’s always been taken to mean: food is important, ...

Reality TV show plans to mine gold in Nome

But its San Diego principal hangs up on Bauder

You can go online and bring down all kinds of information on Rivers of Gold, a limited partnership which intends to mine for gold in Nome, Alaska and put on a reality TV show about ...