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The Benadryl did it

Defense claims antihistamine delirium caused killing

“This is not a whodunnit,” the defense attorney told the jury yesterday, May 10. “This was in fact a killing that was done by David McGee.” David Noel McGee Jr., 26, is facing one charge ...

Beware fake Apple pop-ups

Normal Heights victims

“My husband got a pop-up on our Mac computer with a phone number to call about a virus on our computer,” said CZ. “The caller tried their best to convince him that the Mac was ...

Where the wild ales are

Sorrento Valley beer gets sour on weekends

It feels sort of like walking into a microbrewery fifteen years ago, when some of us still called them that. California Wild Ales is a bit of warehouse space, inside an old Sorrento Valley business ...

To dispel the rumors

Fulano's in Leucadia not what it seems

Some Leucadia residents have been wondering for years, what’s up with the Fulano’s Restaurant. The restaurant appears never to be open. But a look through the windows shows a clean, well kept, and comfortable establishment. ...

That call was always there

"My friend looked at me and said, 'Make a choice.' So I did."

Membership: 150 (Attendance: 80). Pastor: Guy Williams Age: 64 Born: Cornell, CA Formation: San Diego State University; Holmes Institute, Golden, CO Years Ordained: 10 San Diego Reader: What’s your favorite subject on which to preach? ...

Oceanside's civic freak flag

Fairfield Inn — an eyesore on the hill

In the last six years, the Oceanside city clerk says he can only remember one other time when anyone blurted out “recall” from a city council meeting audience. “It was when the council approved district ...

Instagram — perfect medium for tattoos

Especially the 3D nipples

On Cinco de Mayo weekend, a handful of tattoo collectors from around the country received complimentary tattoos at the Golden Hall (inside the San Diego Concourse) on C Street downtown. “We had three winners,” said ...

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