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Beaten with a stick and told to rejoice

There was open weeping at the premiere of Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5

Maestro Jahja Ling returned to the podium of the San Diego Symphony on April 20, 21, and 22 with a concert which was about as cinematic as they come. The program was packaged around Ling ...

Mother's Day mud

“I know it’s the thought that counts. But this year...Mama wants a day at the spa.”

Many a Mother’s Day has found me spending the afternoon running my kids around town so they could get me a gift. Once or twice, I’ve even lent them the money to pay for it. ...

There are more than 30 palms at 17 Palms Oasis

No doubt it had 17 palms when first named

Seventeen Palms Oasis is one of the popular places to visit in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. It has been a desert watering stop for over 100 years. A good way to experience early desert travel ...

Cards Against Humanity, Beyond Bollywood, Passage into Fear, Rock Art Along the Border, The Dwarves

Events May 3-9, 2018

Thursday | 3 CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY TOURNAMENT Our host Jasper wants to hear your funniest, most ducked-up CAH card plays, so invite your funniest friends (only) for the chance to win a $50 Duck Foot ...

The tragedy of Peter Pan

Wendy chose the better part

Peter and the Starcatcher! was inspired by Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, a narrative that has inspired 25 fiction books, 22 plays, 16 movies, 11 television shows, 9 comics, 7 video games, and a radio ...

The Wanderers: a play that unfolds like a book

It even has “Chapters.” “Marriage,” “Children,” “Boredom,” “Destruction.”

A divorced friend on a collision course with #2 confessed: “I don’t choose well. Maybe someone should pick ex- #3 for me, like an arranged marriage.” Anna Ziegler’s The Wanderers, in a world premiere at ...

"This is how it should be."

Low riders and more at the 48th annual Chicano Park Day

“You see this? This is how it should be,” says David Sanchez III. He’s leaning over and pointing to the exaggerated solid chrome wheel rim of a black 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air that’s sitting on ...

City Heights' freeway-friendly bus stop

They ripped up a neighborhood. Now they're building it back up.

Ramon Garcia used to board the bus right before El Cajon Boulevard as it came up the off-ramp from the 15 freeway. After picking up its passengers, Rapid 235 waited for a green light to ...

Then there's Squarecrow (duplicate)

Ramona outfit to play La Escalera Fest 7

To help create some kind of a music scene in his backcountry town, music store owner Jon Hasz released four compilation albums featuring Ramona bands. Hasz admits the series had promo value: it helped bring ...

The best minds of my generation destroyed by madness

Angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection

Dear Hipster: What are the five most hipster things that have ever happened? — Derek As we enter the third part of my efforts at cataloguing the five hipsterest things of all time, I’ll briefly ...

"You can eat this?"

Mushroom hunting in the foothills of Mount Palomar

“Watch out for rattlers,” says Will. Which is a problem, because my mycological friend Kim and I are down on our knees in the thick, soft, untrodden leaf loam they call oak duff. We’re looking ...

Circulate San Diego: Planning groups kill needed housing

Auditor: No, they don’t

The affordable housing crisis has been tough on community planning groups. Developers, city officials, and housing advocates blame these volunteer groups for slowing or blocking construction of the homes that everyone seems to agree the ...

Grandpa Irwin’s TV money

Politicians spending big on television ads

As next month’s primary election grows near, it’s open season for political advertising at San Diego television stations. Early off the blocks has been Sheriff Bill Gore with a $9100 purchase of 47 spots from ...

Cox, LimeBike, Monsanto, and more paying the influence peddlers

Dockless bike company spent $11,000 on local lobbyists

Following news earlier this month that Cox Communications has filed to lobby against the issue of so-called network neutrality, its cable competitor AT&T has joined the cause, disclosing in an April 19 statement that it ...

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