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Don't take on Delaware North

Elvin Lai forbidden to vote on customer's contracts

Centerplate Corporation — which lost a lucrative deal to peddle food and booze at Qualcomm Stadium after the firm's CEO was caught on video kicking a puppy — is back in some more ethical soup, ...

Ready viewer one

This week's new movie releases clear the way for Ready Player One

For a while there, it looked like Steven Spielberg had spun his last spiel — or was getting close to it, anyway. Three years between Munich and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal ...

Just another night in Gaslamp

The St. Patrick's Day after-effect

Last Thursday (3/22/18), a few days after St. Patrick's Day, a worker at a cigar bar on Fifth Avenue confirmed a report that an incoherent reveler had wobbled in waving an open bottle of champagne. ...

Signs of a maturing craft beer market

The future looks like lots of small breweries

Craft beer trade group the Brewers Association has been releasing its annual trove of data about the industry, revealing a trend in national statistics in 2017 that often, but not always, reflected what we’ve seen ...

Trial begins for Oceanside woman who drove with body in her car

Stacey Sanchez fell asleep, her attorney said

The defense attorney seemed to admit that Esteysi Izazaga Sanchez, 31, drove her car up onto a sidewalk and hit a pedestrian so hard that part of one leg snapped off, while the rest of ...

Bridgepoint slammed over veterans

One fourth of students are GIs

In 2011, now-retired United States Senator Tom Harkin called San Diego’s controversial for-profit Bridgepoint Education “an absolute scam.” This month, two senators have whacked the company’s major operation, Ashford University, with similar — but more ...

WonderCon — the way Comic-Con used to be

25-30 percent from San Diego

“I think the WonderCon is better than San Diego Comic-Con because I have the experience from remembering the old days,” said Anastasia Hunter, “the San Diego show is not fun anymore.” Hunter, 44, drove up ...

Encinitas — roundabout capital of California

There goes the funky Leucadia vibe

Six roundabouts are planned on Coast Highway 101 between La Costa Avenue, south to Leucadia Boulevard. Most will be placed one-fifth of mile from each other. Opponents say four of the traffic circles, at only ...

Talk radio Kevin Kline has Coronado Bridge problem

He tweets to rivals: “your audience soon will be ours”

“It looks like Kevin Klein staged his own suicide jump.” That’s what one competitor said when the ribald radio talk show host was a no-show for his first day on the San Diego airwaves. Klein ...

The wild west is back in San Diego

Limebike hogs show, but it is Ofo bikes that are stolen

Sunday afternoon in El Cajon I unsuccessfully tried to find an ofo dockless rental bike to help me get around town. I traveled to five locations where the ofo app listed an available bike, but ...

Tongue numbing tea

Don’t bother tasting it — just experience the chill

I think it’s safe to say that kombucha’s not a fringe beverage anymore. At least here in California. Once the domain of health food shops, these days I find the probiotic tea in gas stations, ...

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