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Meals fit for a vegan, gluten-free caveman

Meat, grains, and gluten are optional in Leucadia

What do vegan, gluten free, and paleo diets have in common? Nuts and seeds, mostly. But, if you’re in Leucadia, they also have Nectarine Grove. The counter restaurant opened a couple months ago, and, against ...

To fight strippers, no one gets to dance

Encinitas' Mr. Peabody's busted

In most restaurants in the city of Encinitas, when live music is offered, dancing is not allowed. After finally paying off a $3,000 fine a few weeks ago, levied in September by the California Alcohol ...

Don't tell them you are a reporter

Simple question gets the run-around

San Diego city officials confirmed that the city has suspended the creation of Maintenance Assessment Districts — but couldn’t find any documentation of that policy shift during the more than four weeks they searched after ...

Power and bombast gained with age

Dirkschneider never really stopped rocking

As the gods of metal age: the short list includes Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Black Sabbath, Udo Dirkschneider, and those other German head-bangers, the Scorpions. Most of these bands have retired, thought better of ...

Belly up Kaabooted from Del Mar

Del Mar board member said Kaaboo was “falsifying facts to government officials.”

Belly Up Kaabooted Artist renderings were unveiled last week for the Del Mar Fairground’s planned state-of-the-art concert venue that will be ready next year. The two-story venue will have polished cement floors, balconies, multiple bars, ...

Fervent charm

Gayness gets Simonized

When was the last time you visited a mainstream multiplex and the sight of two men kissing on screen wasn’t greeted with either uncomfortable laughter from the audience or caterwauling rumbles of disapproval? Well now, ...

Barry Minkow movie is finally out

But critics aren’t buying in

In February, 2015 I wrote that Bruce Caulk, a part-time La Jolla resident, had a problem: as a movie producer/director, he had invested a bundle in a redemption movie about San Diegan Barry Minkow, who ...

Sisster synth

“I think kids in Mexico appreciate electronic music more”

In her previous music life, Viri Dimayuga fronted Viri and Los Bandidos. She was backed by a male band as she sang original rockabilly tunes en Español. Two years ago, Dimayuga gave up performing in ...

Mother Mahler's Home for the Sick and Dying

Cacophanous coughs mar Mahler masterpiece

Over the course of any endeavor there are highs and lows; peaks which reveal unimaginable vistas, and dark crevices full of creatures which are less than benevolent. With the San Diego Symphony, the crevices are ...

Adios Oysterfest

Eight years and done for the music and food event

It was learned last week one longtime local music fest will not be back this year. Headliners at last year’s 8th Annual Oysterfest June 9 and 10 included Matisyahu and local bands Rocket From the ...

Two poems for spring

"Scrubbing the Sheep Tank" and "Scything Lessons: A Villanelle, Roughly"

Scrubbing the Sheep Tank Even in midwinter, algae thrives in the tank So I find myself on this 18-degree day Bending to it, circling the surface, January wind scouring my face. I scrub the scum, ...

Crazy Town’s “Butterfly” counts as a sick party jam

He won't get the Mahler jokes

Dear Hipster: Most people probably don’t think about San Diego as having a vibrant classical music scene, but we do. It’s not, like, NYC, or 19th-century Vienna, but local fans enjoy an outstanding selection of ...

Giuseppe Garibaldi speaks against the Pope

I am a good Christian and speak to good Christians

I am a Christian and I speak to Christians—I am a good Christian and speak to good Christians. I love and venerate the religion of Christ because Christ came into the world to deliver humanity ...

Well Well Well - $6 cover art

Recording in L.A. was foreign to them

“We plan on releasing two EPs this year, with a couple of songs premiering every month until May,” says guitarist Seton Edgerton, one half of folky synthpop duo Well Well Well. The Poptimism EP was ...

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