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Woman accused of looting Bonsall home during fire

Patio umbrella and barbecue

This morning, Friday March 9, the attorney for Sacheen Fawn Silvercloud, 43, asked a judge to released her from jail on her own recognizance. Silvercloud is accused of looting a home that was evacuated during ...

Will the fall of Jacobs starve Faulconer?

End of era as top Qualcomm political fixer steps aside

The finale may finally be coming into view for cell phone chip making giant Qualcomm, currently the target of a hostile takeover campaign. Echoes of the company's outsized influence on San Diego politics are likely ...

Tiny Island Court has 31 short-timers

Will opponents buy house next to Faulconer and turn it into vacation rental?

"What happens when an entire block has nobody living there?" In 2014, when Jon moved to Abbott Avenue in Ocean Beach, he was surrounded by long-term renters. Every year since, he's seen neighbors evicted to ...

Chicken nuggets for adults

Add them to salad to feel healthy

The first thing we learn about the lonely film character Dominique Bretodeau, of the 2001 French cinema masterpiece, Amelie, is that every Tuesday, he roasts and carves a whole chicken for himself. Before he even ...

Alex scores!

Local music teacher soundtracks local-centric film short

“I’m producing and scoring the music for my first ever indie film short as part of the 60 day San Diego Film Con Challenge,” says multi-instrumentalist Alex Guillen. “It’s a timed competition called True San ...