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Women in Hollywood

Ocean's 8, Hereditary and more "women's pictures" among this week's new movie releases

Well, director Colin Treverrow (Safety Not Guaranteed, Jurassic World, and um, The Book of Henry) went and gave a barn-burner of an interview to the good people at Uproxx that should have folks talking about ...

City lowers the bar

Barking dogs, garage sales, signs get the upper hand

In Jean Hoeger’s neighborhood, cars parked atop the front yard are becoming the norm. And with recent changes in code enforcement, residents have lost their chance to get the municipal code enforced. “In the College ...

Siren song

Sunset Cliffs mermaid decoy proves effective lure for Lovecraftian Elder God

NO, NOT REALLY — “Well, now we know why someone placed a fake mermaid on the rocks off Sunset Cliffs,” says San Diego Fish & Game’s head of code enforcement Howard Phillips. “She proved to ...

Coast Guard seizes over 5000 pounds of cocaine

Agency’s near-record haul represents a full 0.05% of annual import into US

JUST ADORABLE, REALLY — Above, Coast Guard agents in San Diego proudly display palettes of cocaine seized from a boat in international waters off the Central American coast last week. In a related image, right, ...

Plot thickens for Oceanside's "prison hotel"

Fairfield Inn developer hasn't paid property taxes, for starters

There’s good news for neighbors who spoke out at a May 9 Oceanside City Council meeting against a 99-room hotel to be built on a hillside just west of I-5. Based on drawings, they trashed ...

"Porn has already shown them everything!"

Protestors speak out against San Diego Schools' “woefully inadequate” sexual education program

NO, NOT REALLY — “Thanks to, 12-year-old kids already know about fisting, felching, scat play, trannys, grannys, Georgy Porgy Orgies, and all the rest of it,” laments concerned mother Chastity Rose (above right) as ...

Drone hits helicopter in Baja 500

Who had the right of way?

Casey Currie is a 34-year-old professional off-road racer from Norco. Last week he won the Hammer Truck Unlimited class with his #4422 Jeep in the Baja 500. A couple of days later he uploaded a ...

Shorn of dogma and dualism

"People are abandoning spirituality and organized religion in droves."

Membership: 165 Pastor: Patti Paris Age: 61 Born: New York City, NY Formation: City University, New York City; Holmes Institute, Encinitas Years Ordained: 7 San Diego Reader: How long do you spend preparing your talks? ...

Mural at Wang’s North Park to be removed by Target

“WEENosaurus Rex” artist not happy

When Wang’s North Park opened at University Avenue and Ray Street, the restaurant owners got unusual art on their west wall that brought attention. Artist MADSTEEZ, real name Mark Paul Deren, painted his “WEENosaurus Rex” ...

Are these the best chilaquiles in San Diego?

Don't wait ten years to find out.

Over the past decade, there’s probably not a commercial district in San Diego I’ve walked, biked, or driven through more often than that along 25th Street in Golden Hill. There are only a few dining ...

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