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CPUC wipes away Peevey/Edison collusion, criminal investigation

Ratepayers get minor relief; law firm gets $5.4 million

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) yesterday (July 26) made an unimpressive adjustment to a rape of the ratepayer that began with a secret meeting between the then-top commissioner, Michael Peevey, and a representative of ...

City's ex-homeless honcho joins LeSar firm

Atkins spouse cashes in on San Diego consulting gigs

A newly-arrived principal in a homeless consulting outfit run by the spouse of state Senate leader Toni Atkins has been told by a San Diego ethics official that work for the firm on city contracts ...

Probe clears Cano on building without permits

Investigator: outcome may have been different if Cano cooperated

National City council member Jerry Cano has been cleared of wrongdoing by an outside investigator who looked into whether he used his political clout to escape scrutiny and five years' worth of fines as he ...

Malibu attorney forces Poway into district elections

Does the California Voting Rights Act violate voting rights?

As the candidate filing period opened July 16 for elected offices across the county, including seats for two new Poway council districts, a lawsuit filed to stop the new districts went back to court. The ...

Famosa and Nimitz plans point to density

Housing commission provokes Point Loma neighbors

Since learning about the revival of a decades-long plan to develop affordable housing on a five-acre parcel at the intersection of Famosa and Nimitz Boulevards, Point Loma residents have been voicing stiff opposition to any ...

Lilac fire survivor comes to the races

Joe Herrick's horse Achieved finishes last, but that's not the point

On December 7, 2017, horse trainer Joe Herrick said, “Hell came to town.” Herrick was was involved in trying to rescue 450 thoroughbred horses caught in the raging Lilac fire through Bonsall’s San Luis Rey ...

Laugh-out-loud satires

The biggest, baddest, blackest mother of ‘em all

Sorry to bother you, but this week’s digital downloads (all available through Amazon) comprise a trio of superior, laugh-out-loud satires. C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America (2004) C.S.A. explores what might have happened had the ...

Ex-Marine accused of killing Oceanside neighbor in broad daylight

Shooter prevents bystanders from helping gasping woman

A former Marine killed his neighbor after she came home from work and took her dog out for a walk, a San Diego County prosecutor alleged in court July 24, 2018. Eduardo Arriola, 25, made ...

He is therefore happy

“Thou art the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.”

He is therefore happy

Meet Eighth Grade's star pupils this Saturday

Elsie Fisher and Emily Robinson in town for Q&As

As if an opportunity to relive the last hellish week of grade school weren't enough, the two star students of Eighth Grade will be in town this weekend to celebrate the film's opening. If your ...

Lemon Grove Bakery needs customer chairs

But it can't have them

Lemon Grove Bakery looks the same - except for one thing. The open space in front of the display case is now missing the tables and chairs that customers used for chatting over coffee and ...

Comic-con not great for Uber and Lyft drivers

L.A. drivers moved in on the territory

Ava Valentine averages $1200 a week driving for Uber and Lyft; Comic-Con last week might’ve slowed down her bankroll. “There was a lot of short fares downtown that took up a lot of time,” she ...

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