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Afternoon at the Nelson Bar

Rantings of an ex-pat

I met a 62-year-old man at Nelson Bar in Tijuana today. He said, “I like talking to white people, you white?” Sort of, I responded. “You look white! I know everything. Ask me anything. No. ...

Man falls over 30 feet from cliff at No Surf Beach

Lifeguard report, June 25 to July 1

July 1 09:51 Diving: Rescue vessel responds to the Ruby E dive site for a 29 year-old male with a dislocated shoulder aboard the Humboldt. Rescue vessel transports patient to the reception dock. Patient turned ...

The doctor is in

Extroverted or introverted, it doesn't matter. Classical music and opera works for you.

There are two ways in which we can interact with classical music and opera. One is extroverted and one is introverted. We could call these the transpersonal and the personalistic. One more? The external and ...

Santee townsfolk want Dirty Chris dealt with

Has Proposition 47 tied hands of law enforcement?

Some homeowners on Carefree Drive, Peaceful Court and Restful Court in Santee aren’t getting the tranquility they bargained for. The Carefree condominium complex off Magnolia Avenue and across the street from Santana High School, say ...

Vista computer burglary shows right up on Google Cloud

Selfies taken by burglar lead cops to suspect

Two burglars climbed a tree, broke through a roof skylight, and used rope to rappel down into a Vista computer business and get away with $60,000 in loot, according to a prosecutor in court yesterday, ...

Luiseno Indians robbed by one of their own

$83K of checks written by accounts payable clerk to herself

Destiny Adelaide Nelson, 38, admitted stealing from her tribe, the La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians, and agreed to pay back the $83,226 she took. The stolen money “fed” her addictions, drugs and gambling, she ...

Cold cuts to remember

Put down the sub and dive into this banh mi

A new sandwich shop has opened in Point Loma, right beside Bookstar, that book store doing business in a 1930s Art Deco theater. This sandwich shop is notable for crusty rolls (sourced from a local ...

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