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Beer Choir requires no talent

Big, sudsy swell of interest in singing the brews

From Irish pubs to German beer halls, European cultures have a deep history of breaking into song when they drink beer. That hasn't been the case within the American craft-beer movement, but one very loose ...

Sempra hasn’t paid corporate taxes since 2008

Don’t expect their "savings" to reduce your utility bills

Utility regulators are noting all around the country that since corporate tax rates have been lowered from 35 percent to 21 percent, utilities should pass on those savings to ratepayers. Don’t expect your San Diego ...

Traffic circles coming to Moraga Avenue

Some Bay Ho residents thrilled, some not

A topic of conversation for years has been the speeding, traffic, and accidents on Moraga Avenue. The city plans to remedy the situation by installing traffic circles (mini-roundabouts) on Moraga at Idlewild Way and Fox ...

It's not about the bun

Thai inspired burgers put sticky rice in your hands

We'd gone to Clairemont Mesa looking for Vietnamese sandwiches, and wound up finding Thai burgers. We stopped first at K Sandwiches, which has reopened two years after being destroyed by fire. I'm not sure whether ...

Forbes eyed SD for Amazon and got it wrong

Article made flawed case for The Retailer settling here

Preceding today's news that Amazon has narrowed down the list of potential cities for establishing a second headquarters — and San Diego is not among them — Forbes magazine had an astonishing item in its ...

Cat on a wet tile roof rescued 10 days later

Rotisserie chicken bait on edge, tuna water on ramp, fish feast in trap

Melaney and her sister heard a cat meowing atop their roof on Saturday, January 6th. “[My sister] looked up and saw the cat’s head peeking over the ledge.” The gray cat was stuck on the ...

The Segerstrom Concert Hall siren calls to me

Magnificent acoustics at the Orange County auditorium

I had never been to Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa, but now it calls to me: “Come this way, honored Odysseus, great glory of the Achaeans, and stay your ship, so that you can ...

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