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TCMF (traditional classical music fatigue) is real

Nobody understands fatigue like a Soviet

I’ve a confession to make. I’m experiencing some classical music fatigue. It’s an interesting situation because I don’t love the music any less but I’m growing tired of the well worn path. It’s a position ...

Sprayed and tased in Hillcrest's commercial zone

Deaf man claims police didn't believe he was disabled

A deaf man says he was doused with pepper spray and tased for parking in a commercial loading zone in Hillcrest for two minutes. The man, Jeffrey Robinson, has since filed a claim to San ...

Escondido accountant on probation

Caught insider trading, made over $27K, penalized over $50K

Donald Paul Jones, an Escondido accountant, has been put on probation for three years and suspended from practice for 45 days. The California Board of Accountancy announced the decision December 28 of last year. Jones ...

Tijuana pedestrians in the war zone

Calle Sexta project delayed

When the clock struck midnight on December 31st, Calle Sexta in Tijuana still resembled a war zone, with half-dug trenches and seemingly abandoned equipment. Partygoers didn’t seem to mind as they stumbled from bar to ...

Salk Institute vs. Women?

Hints of cover-up following 2003 gender-bias study

Top administrators at San Diego's Salk Institute have been aware that female scientists were underpaid compared to their male colleagues as well as unfairly treated. According to documents obtained by the Reader, scientist Katherine Jones, ...

Sew it goes in Normal Heights

Discount Fabrics building to be sold, business to close

"The reason we are closing is because they are selling the building," said Jack, an employee at Discount Fabrics (3325 Adams Avenue, between Felton and 33rd streets). “We are not moving, we are closing, and ...

Crudo, clam chowder, and salmon candy

Euro seafood off I-5

I'm never sure how many San Diegans have discovered Fifty Seven Degrees. The huge wine bar and art gallery offers tasty wine and beer, and enough space that I've never failed to find an open ...

Signs of confusion at deadly O.B. corner

New Year's prank?

In July of 2017, the City of San Diego admittedly installed a dozen black-and-yellow traffic signs incorrectly on the corner of Bacon Street and Coronado Avenue in Ocean Beach. The reflective directional arrows warn drivers ...

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