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Radio and newspaper man and vultures

John Lynch in money troubles again

John Lynch, former chief executive officer of the Union-Tribune and previously a local radio executive, is in financial trouble again. He defaulted on his mortgage in December of 2016, and then woes cascaded in 2017 ...

Horus Aged Ales gone in two seconds

50,000 vie for 480 bottles

One of Oceanside's newest beer companies sold its first bottles of beer to the public this week, but you probably didn't get one. Horus Aged Ales doesn't have a public tasting room, nor even the ...

Throwing darkness on Light

Could Post exposé spoil Soon-Shiong's U-T honeymoon?

It has been a busy week for ex–Union-Tribune publisher Douglas Manchester, what with putting prepublication spin on a Washington Post profile about his relationships with women and jetting back and forth to Austin, Texas, to ...

Baby rattler at my door

"The whole thing was so frustrating, as there weren't any clear options."

A baby rattlesnake was found by Veronica Alcaraz's sister at her front door on February 12th. "Can you believe it?! My sister was taking things to and from her car when she spotted it. It ...

Is latest trans-border sewage spill news?

Stench of 15 million gallons arrives in I.B.

The sewage stink from the beach south of Seacoast Drive in Imperial Beach started about a quarter-mile north of the Tijuana River mouth on February 17th, with the first hints marked by that pungent, green, ...

Biggest 'but on Dolphin wins

Halibut tournament ends this month

When my father was a boy and Mission Bay wasn’t dredged from the reed-choked estuary of the San Diego River, my grandparents would tote the kids to the Bathtub Rock area about where Torrey Pines ...

Point Loma recycling center evicted

"I love Stump's. I love recycling. Can't we all just get along?"

On February 17, state assemblyman Todd Gloria hosted a town-hall meeting in Point Loma. Topics ranged from car-registration fee hikes to renewable energy, but the standing-room-only crowd was due to the controversy swirling around a ...

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