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Excise tax to whack Scripps and Sharp

Hospitals' highest paid executives to feel the cut most

Effective the first of this year, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act imposes a 21 percent excise tax on nonprofits that pay $1 million or more to their five highest-paid employees. The tax applies to ...

Dog on death row since December

Moose's owner feels set up, betrayed by La Mesa police

John Correia wants his dog back. He hasn’t seen the dog, a Labrador-pitbull mix named Moose, since the day the La Mesa police officer shot at the dog and missed. “I raised him from a ...

Workforce Partnership embezzler gets 30 months

“Great stealth and great planning” went into the scam, says judge

Jared Palmer, who embezzled more than $450,000 from the San Diego Workforce Partnership — with “great stealth, and great planning,” according to the judge — was sentenced February 12th to 30 months in prison and ...

Del Mar fair board lowers boom on Kaaboo

"We were hit with complaints we had never heard before."

In a surprising show of open animosity, members of the board that run the Del Mar Fairgrounds launched attacks against Kaaboo at its monthly board meeting on February 13th. The fourth annual Kaaboo music fest ...

Barack Obama in Barry Poppins

Official portrait painter Kehinde Wiley takes us on a jolly holiday!

From Shmuel's Loxicography of Yiddish Design: Hallucious, adj. Pronunciation: cha-lush-us. Etymology: from the Yiddish "a chaloshes," literally to faint. 1) Sick-making; atrocious, particularly in reference to artistic shlock.

Clues in lawsuit lead to Clews the pornographer

More sex-related trouble for Carmel Valley rancher just sent to prison?

On February 13th, a federal judge sentenced Christian Clews — a Carmel Valley rancher who pleaded guilty to possessing and distributing child pornography — to 210 months in prison. But Clews, a former member of ...