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Don't cast near swimmers

Fish got a Christmas reprieve

Dock Totals Dec 21 – Dec 27: 1,576 anglers aboard 56 half day to full day trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 9 yellowtail, 133 bonito, 77 calico bass, 120 sand ...

The value of prime tacos

Baja inspired eatery makes a case for better Mexican food

The value of Mexican food in San Diego keeps rising. I don’t mean the cost, because the costs at all our restaurants have been going up alongside property values, energy costs, and minimum wage hikes ...

Alone in a Cloud

UCSD uncovers possible link between social media and unsocial living

Some three-fourths of Americans are lonely, according to a new study released by UCSD and published in International Psychogeriatrics. That’s up from the high of 57 percent found in previous studies, the most recent of ...

Fruit bound for cocktail glory

“You could call The Chinotto an Italian Old Fashioned,”

Citrus myrtaflora—more commonly known in its native Italy as the chinotto—is a diminutive member of the orange family, and it has a secret. But it’s one of the worst kinds of secret—one that everyone knows ...

Darwin and the Birds

New California statute aims to build on recent events

According to California AB 2989, which goes into effect on January 1 of 2019, “Bicycle helmets are no longer required for riders of motorized scooters who are age 18 or older.” In a possibly related ...

The Ew Colossus

Artist clarifies meaning behind half-buried, ruined Statue of Liberty at border beach

“I could not care less about immigration,” says Xeno Pyle, a conceptual artist working out of his mother’s garage in North Park, “though I suppose some people could look at my installation ‘That’s No Lady’ ...

Founder of Mohism emphasizes self-restraint, self-reflection and authenticity

Mozi taught that all men should be loved equally

Mozi How do we know Heaven loves the people? Because it teaches them all. How do we know it teaches them all? Because it claims them all. How do we know it claims them all? ...

Let’s Be Friends

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