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Moved by Movies

Cinephiles hope to spark sympathy for stranded migrants through the power of sepia-tinted film

“Has America ever seen Casablanca?” asks local film lover Roberto Azul. “Here you have a movie that is generally regarded as the second-greatest film of all time — right after Citizen Kane, which is, coincidentally, ...

Italian olives, smoked mozzarella, and roast beef

No pizza, but Buona Forchetta's wine bar makes a good sandwich

When word broke last year that the hip Italian restaurant in my neighborhood was opening a bodega on the same block, it primed me for a 2018 anticipating all the authentic, imported delights it would ...

Manchester’s mystery money and Tom Barrack

San Diego-tied inaugural committee chief latest to face questions

Because of the Wall Street Journal's November 13 report that federal investigators are looking into spending and fundraising issues involving president Donald Trump's inaugural committee, eyes are returning to the two San Diego major money ...

Mission Accomplished

Migrant caravan prepares to return home after successful 3700km fundraising walk

THE BORDER — “Well, we did it,” said Caminar Por La Cura migrant caravan organizer Susan K. Roamin. “We walked all the way from Honduras to the border between Mexico and the United States, and ...

Imperial Beach couple stops porch thieves

You could send a religious note

On December 10, Marisol Castillo’s Christmas gift package was swiped from the porch of her Imperial Beach home; this was her last straw. “We’ve had this situation happen way too many times,” she said on ...

A spicy Old Fashioned

“What sets it apart is the bittersweet chocolate coming up the back”

Consider the quotidian comforts of the common whiskey flask. The preferred vade mecum of serious sippers, this versatile vessel fits in pocket, purse, or petticoat—a genie in a bottle who, at a moment’s command, provides ...

Vivx Lx Razx

UCSD tells Latinx/Chicanx students they must abandon their “hopelessly gendered language”

“When the Spanish came to the Americas,” says UCSD’s Dean of Re-education Manuela Gonzalez, “they were not content to bring a nightmare of slaughter, disease, pillage, and exploitation. They went further, imposing upon the people ...

Crossroads' last gun show at Del Mar Fairgrounds?

ACLU aids opponents in threatening SLAPP suit

A month after gun show opponents Ira and Rose Ann Sharp and their advocacy group helped convince the Del Mar Fairgrounds board that public land was no place for a gun show, Ms. Sharp received ...

Mexicans cut off the Max 105.7

American operators behind in rent?

A high-stakes struggle over the airwaves between a Mexican radio owner and his San Diego-based operator spilled over onto the airwaves today resulting in DJs being yanked off the air and commercials for San Diego ...

$100 for place to walk your dog? Not bad.

Animals vs. kids at Park and Washington

University Heights residents are divided on the highest, best use for the joint-use park that is the playground for Alice Birney Elementary School. Neighborhood dog lovers have been letting as many as 30 of their ...

La Costa Ave. missing time capsule found

Open next year at Old Town museum

Back in 1966, a young Dave Naylor remembers he and his father attending a dedication of the new Interstate 5 rest area at the La Costa Avenue exit, in Leucadia. He clearly recalls a time ...

Union of the soul with God

English lawyer and Catholic writer Charles Butler withdrew from public life to concentrate on redressing injustices

Charles Butler Mystical theology is defined to be an union of the soul with God—so intimate, that her essence is, in a manner, transformed into the essence of God, and, in consequence of it, she ...

Torrey Pines Road – "so damn dangerous"

Unintended effects of flashing yellow lights

Visitors to La Jolla Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Torrey Pines Road a couple blocks northeast of La Jolla Parkway put their lives in danger when they park across the street, say a nursing home ...

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