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Brick Bowl is a Korean restaurant

If you’re not down with sourdough or vinegar, you can order bibimbap or Korean ramen.

It reads like the sort of thing you have to try at least once. A new Kearny Mesa spot called Brick Bowl dishes up a new way of eating meat, cheese, and bread. Rather than ...

Lobster on the crawl

Big yellowtail at Guadalupe Island

Dock Totals Dec 2 – Dec 8: 616 anglers aboard 39 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 113 bluefin tuna, 1 yellowtail, 77 bonito, 12 calico bass, 58 sand bass, 56 ...

How to catch a shark

If you feel you simply must have a six-foot Blue

From a February 20, 1977 Reader story by David Helvarg From the 1870s through the Second World War, San Diego had a thriving shark catching industry… [Today] albacore and yellow tail remain the big sport ...

Ran over by dolphins

I had to paddle to get out of the way

Name: Hayden Gore Age: 42 From: Ocean Beach Location: Sunset Cliffs Hayden Gore was heading down the long flight of stairs at Sunset Cliffs when we stopped to chat. Gore first started surfing in South ...