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Public integrity league shuts down

Republican Lincoln Club gets $18,000 refund from hit-piece sender

San Diego's Lincoln Club, which steps forward each election time on behalf of Republican candidates by savaging their opponents with hit pieces, has shut down its latest political committee, called the Public Integrity League Opposed ...

An almost everything-free bakery

No gluten, no dairy, no soy, no eggs, no nuts. Just tasty pastries.

A sign near the door of this bakery promises all goods are free of gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, and peanuts. What’s left? I’m forced to wonder. Starry Lane Bakery originally opened out in ...

Tijuana desensitized to violence

Next to Calle Sexta party area

“That was the scariest part, I walked by and didn’t even feel a thing,” commented my friend Luisa, after posting that there was a shooting in Calle Sexta in front of a popular bar on ...

The knife was “in the appendix carry”

Escondido cops charged him with concealed weapon

The felon out on probation had his knife lawfully displayed in a sheath on his belt, according to his defense attorney, and so he did not violate California law. And when that felon tossed his ...

San Diego State student missed turkey

Parents descend on him for Thanksgiving, eat ramen

Scripps Ranch residents Ron and Sandra spent their Thanksgiving eating ramen and dessert at the “underground restaurants” of the Sugamo neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan while waiting for their son Tyler to get out of school. ...

Target spotties and don’t forget your Hawg Trough

Productive haunts are on either side of the bridge

The Toys for Tots Kayak Fishing Tournament launches from Tidelands Park this Saturday morning. The targeted species will be the basses that reside in the bay. Although calico and sand bass grow to over double ...