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Pigs make a smooth landing in downtown Vista

Music festival tickets motivated restaurant founders

The Ginos thought they were saving money on tickets into a music festival, but it turns out they were opening a tasty BBQ restaurant in Vista Village. Granted, the entire process took over a decade. ...

Three poems

Three poems

Loveland Reservoir: backcountry in San Diego's backyard

Just 45 minutes from downtown, the reservoir offers hiking, fishing and close-to-home wilderness.

Loveland Lake and Dam is a true hidden gem in the backcountry about 40 minutes drive from downtown San Diego off I-8 East. The trailhead can be easily missed if you blink once while driving ...

D’Souza book fifth on New York Timesbest seller list

Movie by same title doing well, too

Arch-conservative San Diegan Dinesh D’Souza is riding high these days: his new book, Death of a Nation, this week is number 5 on the New York Times hardcover best-seller list. The book posits that Republican ...

350,000 grads, $7.5 billion of debt

San Diego's Bridgepoint test case of DeVos proposal

The Oakland-based independent Institute for College Access and Success this month released a study showing that 350,000 two-year or four-year grads of for-profit colleges left school in 2012 with a collective $7.5 billion of debt. ...

When one door closes, another opens

North Park businesses come in and go out

In North Park the views never cease to change, and in a drastic way. Old businesses that are way past their prime continue to hang in there. Failed restaurants turn into something totally different. Closed-down ...

San Diego's ocean becomes parking lot

And the importance of kelp paddies

Dock Totals Aug 19 – Aug 25: 6,969 anglers aboard 255 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 110 bluefin tuna, 12,349 yellowfin tuna, 10,565 skipjack tuna, 1,202 dorado, 1,644 yellowtail, 2 ...

All the kayaking options

San Diego fishing meetup this Sunday at 7 am

If you’ve ever looked out on the water at all the people on kayaks and wondered, “that looks like fun, but it is such an investment,” you aren’t alone. Like surfing, until one tries to ...

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