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What's new in bottles and cans

A Sore Eye Cup winner, and other beers for your fridge

A good beer is never hard to find in San Diego, but recent developments have made it easier to stock your fridge with a few of the city’s most highly sought brews. Burgeoning year-round cans ...

Thanks for the Kmart memories

Spring Valley store to close in November

On August 23, I visited the Kmart at 935 Sweetwater Road in Spring Valley by the 54 Freeway. A lady with a blue shirt that read “Attention Kmart Shoppers” on the front was helping me. ...

San Diego builds itself into danger

254,400 housing units in brushy, steep, and hard to reach places

According to a new report, San Diego is among the five California counties that have the most homes in high fire risk zones. The county has 254,400 housing units in brushy, steep, and hard to ...

Not exactly nature’s bowl

Does a pineapple expression add to the dish?

Ten years ago this summer, the stoner comedy Pineapple Express had a surprisingly profitable box office run. I’m guessing everyone who went to see it wound up working in the food and beverage industry, because ...

Hunter, Chavez mailers scrutinized

Will elder Duncan Hunter appear on ballot?

When congressman Darryl Issa said he would not stand for reelection, Rocky Chavez gave up his seat as state assemblyman representing Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Vista so he could run for Issa’s seat. While early ...

America has guns

SDSU exchange student robbed

On August 15 at about 3 p.m., Thomas, a San Diego State University exchange student was robbed for $60 on 30th Street in North Park. “I’m feeling okay now,” he said, “I decided I wasn’t ...

Why vocal recitals are a clear loser

Money? Repertoire? Singers?

One of the least appreciated elements of classical music is the vocal recital. It is a double rite of passage for vocal majors in that they are required to produce both a junior and senior ...

Vista house party horror

Another reason to check Airbnb renters

Homie arrived at the party on Barsby Street about 11 p.m. He lived nearby so he walked with friends. It was cold that Friday night, January 26, 2018, almost freezing, which is unusual in San ...

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