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Take a seat at the big table

Bites and wine pairings in Oceanside

There’s an actual table at the center of Oceanside eatery, The Miller’s Table. It’s a large, stoutly constructed wood high top, about 6'x6', topped with plants, candles, and eclectic décor. The community table is not ...

Harbor police stop man swimming to Hawaii

Or did they?

Aug 11 Harbor Police stored a small dinghy that was found adrift within the south San Diego Bay main shipping channel. Aug 9 Harbor Police investigated an accident where a small vessel (dinghy) was operating ...

Yellowfin, skipjack turn on – record bluefin caught

Fishing in San Diego Aug. 12-18

Dock Totals Aug 12 – Aug 18: 6,583 anglers aboard 256 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 654 bluefin tuna, 8,190 yellowfin tuna, 7,093 skipjack tuna (50 released), 1,294 dorado, 3,178 ...

Island Pacific Seafood closes, but cats stay

Kind-hearted Filipinos try to fill gap

“Around 15 cats live behind the Island Pacific Seafood Market on 2720 E. Plaza Blvd,” posted a Paradise Valley resident on her Nextdoor account. “The store is closed and they need food and some water.” ...

Larry Lucchino, switch hitter on ballpark subsidies

To get subsidized stadium for Worcester team

Remember when Larry Lucchino and John Moores said that a fat ballpark subsidy for a team owned by a mega-millionaire was a civic good — something akin to godliness and cleanliness? After getting San Diego ...

CPR at Marine St. beach

Mission Bay High student becomes unwitting hero

The following was an entry in a young people's writing contest by Charles Hasse, a 16-year-old from Mission Bay High School. The contest entries were published in the Dec. 13, 1984 Reader. I ran down ...

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