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This week keeps on rolling

A North Park rolled taco specialist with family roots

It seems like just yesterday I was writing about a new hand roll-only sushi bar, and finding a way to compare its seaweed wrapped fish and vegetables to tacos. But here I am, today, stumbling ...

Stingrays, of course, but scooter accidents, too

Lifeguard report, July 23-20

Hit and run at Dog Beach among calls on busy week July 29 05:59 Boating: VHF channel 16 call of a 36 ft. fishing vessel with small electrical fire, one mile off Crystal Pier. Lifeguard ...

SD homebuilding still in the dumps

Worst of major CA metro areas

After the housing bubble burst in the 2008 period, the United States has been very slow to replenish the housing stock, or inventory. The partly explains the rise in home prices. San Diego County is ...

Move over, Ivy League. West tops universities

UCSD ranked second best educational institution

The University of California at San Diego is the second best educational institution in the nation, according to a new ranking of universities and colleges by Money magazine. Among the factors going into the study ...

National City candidates full of surprises

Jerry Cano pulls papers for mayor, then decides not to run

In a political bait and switch, National City council member Jerry Cano pulled papers for mayor on Tuesday, August 7 – exactly three days before the deadline to file to run as a candidate in ...

Trapped in Scripps Ranch

Beata Piehl wants buses closer than 3/4 mile

Beata Piehl learned that mass transit won’t come to her neighborhood when her disabled son began going to Miramar Community College. For him to catch a bus to his 8:00 am class, she had to ...

Homeless man living underground vs. park workers

Kit Carson workers call cops

A man who lived in a ten-foot-deep burrow in an Escondido park threatened city workers after his furniture and things were thrown away, according to testimony in court today, August 13, 2018. Mark Edward Powell, ...

The $50,000 swim bladder

Tour the Farley Mowat

Captain Paul Watson and the crew of the ship named for author Farley Mowat have been chasing, harassing, ramming, and boarding whalers operating illegally. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society behind the Farley Mowat has waged ...

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