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That’s what I’m temaking about

Sushi hand roll bar prevails by keeping it simple

The next sushi trend to conquer America could be something way simpler than we’re used to: the dedicated hand roll bar. To many, the sushi means sushi rolls, a.k.a. maki, wherein fish, rice, and sheets ...

So much for the McDonald's double drive-thru

Entrance from Florida Street is flashpoint

On August 5, John saw a “silly” McDonald’s meme shared on his Facebook timeline “that actually, hit home.” It’s based on a photo of the fast-food restaurant on Palm Avenue in Imperial Beach. The meme’s ...

Dorado Invasion 2.0

Fishing in San Diego Aug. 5-11

Dock Totals Aug 5 – Aug 11: 6,512 anglers aboard 270 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 155 bluefin tuna, 2,984 yellowfin tuna, 1,594 skipjack tuna, 3,493 dorado, 6,676 yellowtail, 2 ...

Fire and ice

Where is your local cool zone?

We’ve all heard the joke that someday a natural disaster will plunge California into the sea and turn Arizona into beachfront property. But if recent trends continue what would be more likely — the landslide ...

Barefoot lady caught stealing Costco lights from neighbor

IB Facebook tells all

On August 4, Bryna from Imperial Beach posted a Facebook video of her friend’s landscape lights getting stolen. “This happened on 14th Street,” she said, “This individual decided to go into my friend's yard and ...

Hand standers steal attention

Upper body strength displayed at Oceanside, OB, Santa Monica

On July 28 at 4 pm, the spectators surrounding the Oceanside Pier had a double-feature; the pro-surfers in the water and the hand-standers in the sand by the rocks. This was the second day of ...

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