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Chula is mostly okay

South Bay loyalists hesitant to cut name

In the spring of 2017, as word spread of a marketing campaign to promote good feelings about the city of Chula Vista — and amid a bid to persuade Amazon to bring a second headquarters ...

Julie Harper gets another chance

Appeals decision on six-year-old murder case

Julie Elizabeth Harper, a Carlsbad housewife who became notorious for shooting her husband in their upstairs bedroom while their children played downstairs, has been granted a new chance at sentencing, by the Fourth District court ...

Deceptive calm in University City

Even as talks on water pipes continue, lawsuit filed

As the San Diego water department plans to plant several dozen miles of pressurized 48-inch-diameter steel pipes to and from its pure water plant, residents of University City are worried. They are expressing those concerns ...

Stingrays at Blacks, Boundary Line, Tourmaline

Lifeguard report, July 16-22

July 22 10:55 Medical: Lifeguard, fire, and medical units respond to traumatic injuries from contact with a police officer after an arrest. San Diego Police Department officers take the arrest and medics are cancelled. 11:45 ...

How to eat and pronounce Uyghur

Lunch served with a geography lesson

It’s an old joke by now, something along the lines of: "going to war is how Americans learn geography." I’ve laughed about it myself, but I’ve been able pick out Kuwait and Vietnam on a ...

What was that smell near Scripps?

The underwater canyon burps

On Wednesday August 1, I caught a whiff of rotten eggs. Facilities workers at Scripps and Birch Aquarium checked gas lines to verify that it wasn’t methane. After about half an hour, Scripps employees spread ...

You just got to yell at people

Mission Beach jetty better for goofy footers

Name: Bryce Victery Age: 26 From: Mission Beach Location: South Mission, Jetty It was a windy day at the jetty when Bryce Victery pulled his board out of the water after a morning surf. Victery ...

If you were slow to get beach volleyball

Be early on beach tennis

Claudia Chiossi plays beach tennis. The 35-year-old personal trainer used to play in her hometown of Garopaba, Brazil, but since she’s relocated to Pacific Beach, she’s found locals to play with by Tower 22, which ...

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