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Swerved into Oceanside bike lane with stolen Honda

Ten years and deportation for manslaughter

In court today, Felix Aaron Ruiz Bazan admitted he killed a bicyclist almost a year ago, in a plea deal in which he expects to be sentenced to ten years in prison. Bazan, now 26, ...

New again after 70 years

El Carrito's return to Barrio Logan

A fixture in Barrio Logan for more than 70 years, the tiny restaurant known as El Carrito sits inside a retired trolley car, a relic of nascent San Diego’s cable car era. After a stint ...

PB church opens door to refugees

ICE brings them asylum seekers

A month into its launch, a network of temporary shelters for asylum seekers arriving at the world's busiest border station in San Ysidro is beginning to take shape. The Safe Harbors project, spearheaded by Dr. ...

Mosquito Coast

County specialists attack larvae in I.B.

“You just got one [mosquito] that landed on your chest,” Sean Simmons said, “and there’s some flying around you.” “Ohhh man there’s another mosquito on my shoulder,” I said as I swatted it away. On ...

Hot water: good for exotics, bad for kelp

Welcome yellowfin, skipjack, dorado, and wahoo

Dock Totals July 29 – Aug 4: 6,072 anglers aboard 232 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 192 bluefin tuna, 1,235 yellowfin tuna, 544 skipjack tuna, 1,306 dorado, 6,685 yellowtail, 9 ...

Rocks, rips, and reefs

Diving classes, free and open to the public

Of the several hundred rescues on summer weekends by San Diego lifeguards, most are people caught in rip currents. Yet those currents are used by surfers, kayakers, and swimmers as a path out through the ...