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So much for the fire extinguisher

Mercedes on fire on I-5 near Manchester

Traveling northbound on I-5 just past the Manchester Avenue exit in Cardiff by the Sea, Jose and Augustine’s 1998 E-Class Mercedes car became disabled. They thought it had just overheated. Anthony from Allied Gardens Towing ...

Comic Fest in a 4/20 cloud

The weed connection with cos-play

“I’m burning one for George [Clayton Johnson],” said Storm, as she lit up her three-inch brass pipe filled with “Skywalker” weed. “Oh, snap,” I said, then motioned over to the security guard at the Frankenstein ...

Large cows, medium bluefin

Fishing in San Diego April 15-21

Dock Totals Apr 15 – Apr 21: 1,390 anglers aboard 60 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 50 bluefin tuna, 53 yellowtail, 24 calico bass, 8 sand bass, 3,618 rockfish, 370 ...

Bruce Henderson sues City over his firing

Says 30 attorneys fired without good cause

Bruce Henderson, former city council member, yesterday (April 20) filed suit against the City for his allegedly illegal firing. In September of last year, Henderson, then a deputy city attorney, filed a claim against the ...

Barrio Logan election do-over

More voters, same results

On April 18, Barrio Logan's community planning group had a do-over of their March 21 election. The impetus was a complaint lodged, shortly before the polls closed, against members of the environmental health coalition for ...

Only the young in the outrigger canoes

Shaka Fest at De Anza Park Saturday April 28

Long before the magnetic compass, the sextant, global positioning systems and other navigational aids, Polynesians sailed solely by observation of the sun, stars, and ocean swells coupled with other signs of nature such as the ...

Big trout eight hours away

Eastern Sierra opener affected by March snow

As hundreds of San Diego anglers get geared up for Merry Fish-mas, the April 28 opening of trout season in the Eastern Sierra, reports indicate good fishing is ahead. Ernie Cowan, of Escondido, the Eastern ...

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