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22 dope growers want permits in Mira Mesa

Kearny Mesa second place with 10 applicants

The city has 40 golden tickets, also known as permits, to hand out to those wanting to cultivate cannabis locally. There are currently 66 applicants vying for those permits. There are no limitations as to ...

The juicy Trump-Cohen-Russia story

Michael Cohen’s father and uncle hung around the Russian Mafiya in New York

The April 10 issue of Rolling Stone features an intriguing story, “A Brief History of Michael Cohen’s Criminal Ties” by Seth Hettena, who lives in San Diego with his wife and sons. The subtitle of ...

Cate hits up city workers, pays another fine

Councilman concedes further ethical transgressions

With investigators of the California Attorney General's office still looking into his leak of a confidential memo to lobbyist contributors, San Diego city councilman Chris Cate has agreed to pay yet another fine for breaking ...

Toys 'R Us was too good to be true

San Diego collectors bemoan the loss

When Toys ‘R’ Us announced that they were closing 800 of their U.S. stores, a handful of San Diego grown-ups that hang out at the Chula Vista VFW, were bummed-out. “It’s the end of another ...

Shark fins at Black's Beach and Pacific Beach

“Did I freak out? Yes! Did I get out of the water? No.”

Name: Beth Colton Age: 34 From: National City Location: Ocean Beach Pier Occupation: Staff at the San Diego Humane Society Beth Colton just got done surfing with her nine-foot Sunova board inlaid with balsa wood ...

OB Pier steps to get makeover

Rebar was making concrete pop

The Ocean Beach Pier gets roughly 500,000 people visiting each year, so its no surprise that after fifty-plus years, the stairs leading up from the pier parking lot at the foot of Niagara Avenue have ...