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Baja 250 races — two dead; racer scares Alpine kids and dad

Facebook message makes it worse

“I did not see him until the last second,” said Andy McMillin, “and it was the closest call I had. The fans down there in Baja California stand next to the race course and we ...

CalPERS buys boatload of Bridgepoint stock

Public employees boost holdings by 112.4 percent

The California Public Employeees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), the nation’s largest pension fund, in last year’s fourth quarter boosted its stake in San Diego-based Bridgeport Education by 112.4 percent, according to the company’s most recent filing ...

Ripped in a rip current

San Diego lifeguard rescues March 12-18

Mar 18 07:11 Swimmer: Lifeguards respond to two swimmers in South Mission Jetty rip. One swimmer with obvious intoxication. Two rescues in high-hazard area. 11:55 River: Lifeguard unit responds to San Diego Police Department request ...

Was Soon-Shiong outsmarted?

U-T's cult-of-personality profile jumps deal's gun

Sunday, April 15 was the Union-Tribune's celebration day for Los Angeles physician Patrick Soon-Shiong, the paper's putative new owner, also set to acquire the L.A. Times from the oddly named and deeply troubled tronc, Inc. ...

Just keep toilet out of the title

Pure Water gets unanimous city council approval

Tuesday was a big day for water projects in Southern California. The Metropolitan Water District's board of directors authorized $10.8 billion toward Governor Jerry Brown's effort to fix the state's aging water delivery system, one ...

La Mesa: forget the antiques

Who but a restaurant could afford $2.50/foot?

On the afternoon of April 7, patrons lined up for the grand opening of Fourpenny House, a Scottish pub and restaurant. Over at Park Estate Company, antique shoppers browsed at the going-out-of-business sale. Restaurateur Peter ...

Lots of bait off La Jolla

San Diego fishing report April 8-15

Dock Totals Apr 8 – Apr 15: 1,423 anglers aboard 52 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 28 bluefin tuna, 90 yellowtail, 6 calico bass, 15 sand bass, 3,812 rockfish, 251 ...

Sucker punched

"They looked totally normal — like tourists or spring breakers"

An Ocean Beach resident was sucker-punched Tuesday, April 3, around 8:00 pm while in his car on Santa Monica Avenue (near Cable Street). The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, told me he was about ...

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