"It reminded us of the San Diego show about 15-20 years ago."
  • "It reminded us of the San Diego show about 15-20 years ago."
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Overstimulated at Comic

In all due respect (“WonderCon ‚“ The way Comic-Con used to be,” Neighborhood News, March 30).... 1) San Diego Comic Con International owns Wondercon. 2) Most conventions these days are going to be pretty crowded. 3) Only the individual gets to define their personal Comic Con experience. If they want to spend overnight in the line of Hall to see a panel the next day, that’s their Comic Con experience. It may not be your Comic Con experience, and it doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to disparage that. 4) There’s a way to get into San Diego ComicCon for free; you volunteer. It’s simple to sign up for it. You have to be vigilant to their email alerts and keep an eye on the registration dates. 5) I, too, have PTSD and San Diego Comic Con’s Disabled Services department has been a godsend to me. They are stellar in their services; they helped me when I’ve had my panic attacks due to over stimulation and they’ve had no issues letting me borrow a privacy booth at their department to calm down from my panic attacks. Their Disabled Services Department deserves more credit than they are given. 6) San Diego ComicCon is still very much about comics; comics have transcended into mass media in this digital age via movies, video games, television and more so naturally, you are going to see this mass media at this event. 7) How much do you think it costs to rent the San Diego Convention Center for an entire week? I imagine that doesn’t come cheap.

Teresa Sadler, San Ysidro

Juicing the body electric

It is not a letter, but a question (“Myrtle’s Electric Juicer,” News Under the Radar, January 31). The 4th District is in need of a debate from all the candidates running for City Council. Myrtle Cole has yet to reply to any request for debates. I was hoping I could use your article to ask her what else is she hiding in plain site? Or maybe you can ask her why she won’t give anyone a chance to hear from her? Everyone is complaining she is never seen in her district yet the other candidates are out there trying to get votes. Walking door to door like Monica Montgomery. She hasn’t even had one fund-raiser in her own district. Why not? I am not a robot, but why doesn’t anybody ever cover the 4th District interview the others? What does it take to get a notice about anything in the 4th district? A big blank except the UT and they are very one sided. Anybody out there?

Steven Steppe, Emerald Hills

Touch and go zoning

Hi, I have read your article regarding Touch and go’s at Montgomery Field. S.D. (“Clairemont: Touch and Go needs to go,” Neighborhood News, March 20) There are more citizens groups than ever in San Diego County now noticing the negative effects of airports on San Diego County Neighborhoods. The same situation is happening across the nation. Communities are finally realizing that airports are not economics engines and in fact a determent to their neighborhoods. Societies priorities have changed and they do not include small General Aviation Airports. The private pilot population has been declining for the last 20 yrs and dramatically. For more info go to: Citizens Against Gillespie’s Expansion Low Flying Aircraft Thank You.

regermann, San Diego County

Finding Wildomar

Your article mentions Nathan Page (“I believe Nathan Page is in heaven,” Cover, March 28) was pronounced dead at Inland Valley Regional Medical Center in Temecula ....the hospital is not in Temecula...it is located in Wildomar about 25 minutes North of Temecula. Temecula’s hospital is Temecula Valley Hospital.

Michael Scalise, Temecula

Putin’s Pravda

I had an appliance repairman to my home recently. He was a Russian Immigrant. (“Natalia Roudakova: Losing Pravda,” Book Signings, April 13) He noticed a flyer on my table titled ‚“Why 9/11 Still Matters‚“ written by the 9/11 Truth Action Project a nationwide organization formed to support the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. The Russian said: “Oh, 9/11. Russians have known for over 10 years it was a false flag inside job and that Americans still believe the Lie.” He went on to say: “Americans and Russians differ in that Russians know their government and media is lying to them. Americans believe the lies. “I shook his hand and said: “You hit the nail on the head.”

Cheri Aspen, San Diego

LimeBike’s real world tire prints

Recently, bike ride share companies (“The Color of LimeBike’s money,” Under the Radar, March 5) have boasted to KPBS radio and various newspapers that bike and scooter use saves some specific amount of air pollution compared with the same trips being taken by car. They gave statistics. Leaving aside the presumption that these trips all would have been taken, as opposed to many being goof-arounds on a new toy, my question is this: is LimeBike accounting for all of the fuel consumed and pollution emitted by its fleet of trucks and picking up and dropping off bikes and scooters? I question whether all of the restaging does not eat up any environmental benefits pretty quickly. The Coronado issue makes this worse. And now with your article we see that they’re adding freelancers to this fleet and encouraging freelancers to use gas, “pickups, vans, SUVs, and full-sized sedans.” Any government policy maker who approves an expansion of this ride sharing without demanding complete information on a company’s true, real world pollution footprint, is neglectful.

Joan Rincon, National City

Fishy fistulas among O.B. gulls

I write after reading the article above that appeared on 5th May 2016 in the San Diego Reader (O.B. gull’s piercing definitely not intentional, Neighborhood News). The piece was by Delinda Lombardo. I write to ask for details of the contributor of this report because I am carrying out a research project here in the UK. I am looking into occurrences of this condition - a sublingual oral fistula - across the world’s free-living birds. The project has now been running for two years and I have accounts of many different species - many gulls and terns, especially - that exhibit this condition. On every occasion (now over 100+ reports) the oral fistula appears in the same place across species and in most cases the tongue of the bird permanently protrudes through the fistula. I would be keen to speak with Delinda, the contributor of the record (including the photograph) that you published and the San Diego Zoo veterinarians who also contributed to the piece. Of interest might be that I am coming to San Diego in June this year when I am on annual leave and it might be good to meet up with people associated with this story if at all possible.

Dr S. James Reynolds, University of Birmingham, UK

Summer’s final cut

Summer Camps 2018 My name is Rosana Marques, I am the Marketing Manager for the Media Arts Center San Diego. We partner with the SD Reader on projects such as the SD Latino Film Festival, Digital Gym Cinema, and others. I saw this week’s article about Summer Camps (“Summer Camp,” Cover, April 4) and I wanted to share some information with you about our camps for future reference. During our week-long Summer camps, youth will learn to create movies from start to finish (writing to post-production). Campers will learn how to operate a camera, edit in Final Cut Pro, create storyboards and use our Green Screen Studio. You can find more information on our website: https://digitalgym.org/summercamp/.

Rosana Marques , North Park

National City limits

Dear Ms. Zaragoza, You recently wrote a story in the Reader (“Some in National City want Morrison again,” Neighborhood News, March 8) about Ron Morrison and term limits in National City. The story was a decent effort to cover the issue. However, there was one major oversight that speaks to the whole deceptive effort on the part of Morrison and friends. In the story you wrote: “In an interview, Morrison defended the initiative. He said it brings National City in line with a majority of smaller cities that are now instituting term limits.” That sounds reasonable except for the fact that it is a totally untrue! A simple check of other cities would show that of the 18 cities in our county a total of six have term limits. Of those six cities with term limits, four have limits of three terms and two have limits of two terms. The two with a two-term limit are Coronado and San Diego. Hardly a majority of `all’ cities, let alone ‘small’ cities. So in reality, National City is already “in line” with a majority of cities with term limits, both large and small. But that fact would contradict Morrison’s bogus claim that there is a need to change the existing three-term limit in National City “to bring National City in line”. If their true purpose is really to bring National City “in line” they would only need to adopt a three term limit for City Council and leave the Mayor’s existing three term limit alone. Everyone knows that the real reason for the Morrison initiative is to find an excuse to repeal the limit that will term Morrison out this year. Sadly, more than ever, there is a need to not accept statements or claims by our elected leaders as factual or true. Nor should you accept what is written in this letter without checking. Attached you will find term limit information that was gathered from cities in the county. I invite you to verify it to your satisfaction.


Classic mi vida loca

I wanted to ask how I could get sum media coverage on my upcoming cultural art event on April 20th 2018 in Barrio Logan [Chucas & Cholas Art & Photo Exhibition ]. Mesheeka Art Gallery will be having a chola art & photo exhibition and the famous actress Nelida Lopez will be at the event doing meet n greet. She plays the role of “Whisper” in the 1993 cult classic Mi Vida Loca. During the art event we will be showcasing art from local artists as well as original photos that date back to the 1940s 50s and 60s, other photos will be as new as the 1990s era. Art, Culture, History, Fashion... this event covers it all ! Hope to hear from you soon.

Manuel Mesheeka, Barrio Logan

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