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Pot — savior of opioid users

San Diego doctors say marijuana is part of the answer

While Californians as a whole have shifted their marijuana consciousness in recent months to freshly-legalized recreational pot, a pair of local doctors are among those continuing to explore the plant's medicinal properties. On Wednesday evening ...

Was Bilbray right?

Earthen berms pushed up against Tijuana River

Following a model created more than 30 years ago by former Imperial Beach mayor Brian Bilbray on top of a bulldozer, crews from the International Boundary and Water Commission pushed up an earthen berm at ...

Squeeze on National City elders

Southern Highland rents climb steadily

Lydia Horne received a free haircut and a toiletry bag – at the Age-Less Beauty (Blessing our Seniors) gathering on March 31. The event happened at about noon in the courtyard of the Southern Highland ...

A warm greeting in a glass

Bartender Wetherbee "wanted to encapsulate the freshness of Thailand"

Say “Sawatdi!” to the Sawadee! “Sawatdi” is a common Thai greeting (like Hawaii’s “Aloha!”) and the Sawadee (same word respelled for the American palate) is one of the newest inspirations from Prohibition mix-master Heath Wetherbee. ...

Grabbing the grilled pork at Villa Manila

"Most Filipinos like eating with their hands when it comes to feasting. It ties them to the old ways.”

“With your fingers, dude?” says Wes. “Hey, what else did people eat with, before you French brought in the fork, right? You invented cutlery! The Curse of the Eating Classes!” Actually, Wes has always been ...

Trump and Wagner are nowhere close to equals

But the similarities of their convictions are eerie

I’m reading a book. Yes, it’s about Wagner. No, I don’t read books about any other composers. Yes, I’m enjoying it. Of the books I’ve read on the topic of Wagner, this one is by ...

Divine intervention for Lorena Isabell

Chile will always be a part of me

“I grew up under a dictatorship in Chile and I didn’t know any other reality,” mused Latin Bohemian vocalist Lorena Isabell, who is on the cusp of an album release and celebratory concert June 10 ...

Belly dancers needed Rich Mansor's music

"We could continue to be just another punk band or we could connect with this huge audience."

“It’s a combination of traditional surf rock with Egyptian rhythms fused with the visual elements of live belly dancers. Kind of Dick Dale meets Omar Khorshid,” says Rich Mansor, guitarist and leader of Zamman, an ...

Cinderella in reverse

Nary a jiggle on my built-in geezer porn detector during Finding Your Feet

A sideways glance at the poster for Finding Your Feet was all it took before I began fanning away the aroma of flop sweat prompted by visions of the Boynton Beach Club Bucket Listers waking ...

N-E-1 , anyone?

Tower Bar show reunites ska rockers for fourth time in three decades

“We were good, and we joined lots of people having fun in SoCal back in the early ‘80s,” says sax player Eddie Croft of vintage new wave-ska rockers N-E-1. “There was a scene that we ...

Boredom births "Big Booty Butt Cheeks"

Jumbotron showed up late for their own awards ceremony

“We were the dumbasses who showed up late and missed the presentation of our award,” says Edgar Alminar of electronic hip-hop duo Jumbotron, this year’s San Diego Music Awards winner for Best New Artist. Based ...

Huge, high-end sound at UCSD's planned downtown venue

From a cathedral to completely dead alcove and everything in between

“We’re opening a downtown facility with a working title of ‘U.C. San Diego Urban’,” says Daniel Atkinson, director of public programs UCSD Extension, who also acts as the founder of the UCSD Jazz Camp and ...

Meghan Trainor offers No Excuses

She had enough momentum to avoid the Best New Artist kiss of death

The Channel 93.3 Summer Kick Off Concert at Mattress Firm Amphitheatre on May 11 is headlined by The Chainsmokers, Miguel, and Ne-Yo, but oh-so-identifiable pop singer Meghan Trainor will be filling an awful lot of ...

After Lestat's, where?

Adam's Avenue acoustic venue shuts down after 15 years

San Diego’s premier acoustic music venue for the last 15 years is closing and it’s not ending on a happy note. The music showcase Lestat’s in Normal Heights is closing. The adjacent coffee house will ...

The California Honeydrops get a little love

For this band, there was no other choice but to make this music

Livin’ for today / singin’ for tomorrow... Is it safe to say that some of the world’s best New Orleans-style funk and soul bands come from the West Coast? Probably no. But our track record ...

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