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Springtime incivility

Is it something in the air?

On March 21 a man pounded on the door outside the military recruiting office next to the Santee trolley station. He yelled through the door as he pounded: “Open the f’n door! I want to ...

Stepson falls close to Wilson's tree

Ex-governor and kin battle sanctuary

The stepson of Pete Wilson — the ex-California governor and one-time San Diego mayor who championed 1994's Proposition 187 to cut off state services including health care and public education to undocumented immigrants — is ...

Green Flash Brewing sold in foreclosure

No flash of green for its shareholders

San Diego's fourth largest brewery, Green Flash Brewing, is in the process of being dissolved, and with it Alpine Beer Company, the cult beer favorite Green Flash acquired in 2014. That’s the reporting coming out ...

Bad air by the border peaks at night

“We give pollution to Tijuana and they give it back to us"

Preliminary results of the year-long San Ysidro air pollution study came out on Thursday, March 29th. The monitoring program in this border community, which lasted from January 2017 to February 2018, showed an increase in ...