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Rough road ahead for solar adopters

Bad news among the good

The Solar Energy Industries Association was in town last week, hosting an annual conference for more than 800 solar-related businesses. "The market has continued along going into this year — we may see a slowdown ...

Mid-city Ambassador chases down trans prostitutes

"They now take their johns up to Polk Avenue"

On March 26, Edwin Lohr was a panelist at the Prostitution Impact Panel at the police store front near 54th Street and University Avenue. “I am getting educated and we are telling these johns, 'You ...

Man jumps from OB Pier at midnight, body washes up at 3 a.m.

Lifeguards make five cliff rescues

Mar 11 11:28 Diving: Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to diver being dragged out of the water at 2100 Vallecitos. Diver suffering from 70’ rapid ascent. Patient advised with medical. 12:49 Boating: Lifeguard vessel ...

Local litter

Dear Union Tribune, what about your community values?

Every Friday in Hillcrest an advertisement circular is tossed from a delivery van to driveways and sidewalks around the neighborhood. The publisher calls it Local Community Values. Some from the community call it litter. The ...

Rockfish bonanza — yellowtail return

Dock totals March 24-31

Dock Totals Mar 24 – Mar 31: 2,477 anglers aboard 94 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 479 yellowtail, 12 calico bass, 26 sand bass, 6,795 rockfish, 1,877 whitefish, 16 lingcod, ...

An alternative to Children's Pool

Try South Casa — and maybe Wipeout Beach

The following comes from the DiveBums site. With all the issues around using Children's Pool, people sometimes use South Casa instead—the other possible entrance to the wonderful shallow, rock reefs off just outside the seawall ...