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Say goodbye to Java Joe's

The name may be changing, but the music will go on

The name may be changing, but the music will go on

Adams Ave. park re-born

Without the grass, but that's okay

Layla and her kids are impressed with the recent renovation of their Adams Recreation Center Park on Adams Avenue (between I-805/I-15) — in Normal Heights; they’ve been hanging out here for over three years. “They ...

Bankers Hill Mansion exemplifies both Roaring Twenties exuberance and refined European design

Explore the neo-classical symmetry and grandeur of Andrea Palladio’s 16th-century architecture

From its perch atop Bankers Hill, the mansion at 435 West Thorn Street sits as an example of both Roaring Twenties exuberance and refined European design. “This one of a kind 1926 Italian Palladian home ...

Richard Crashaw: one of the major metaphysical poets

Divine love as espoused by the Catholic mystic St. Teresa of Avila

An Epitaph Upon Husband and Wife To these whom death again did wed This grave’s the second marriage-bed. For though the hand of Fate could force ‘Twixt soul and body a divorce, It could not ...

To beat hunger and heat in El Centro

Cathy brings my mollete, and boy, for $2.85, it’s a lot

‘Cher was born here,” says Sonny. “Right, Lawrence?” Lawrence lifts up his aristocratic, bloodhound-wrinkled face and nods. “Her dad was a truck driver.” We’re standing in the muggy heat of an El Centro Greyhound depot. ...

Beautiful Boy: Oh, boy

Who is this movie’s target audience?

Daddy Dave (Steve Carell) spends the first quarter of the picture scratching his head while even accidental moviegoers — those who stumble across Beautiful Boy as a fluke, without the benefit of having seen the ...

October 11 Brainstorm Contenders

Joseph Ciprian, San Diego, 36. Robert Ott, Mira Mesa, 12. Randy Paddock, San Diego, 12. K.J. Rayner, San Diego, 12. Thomas McVeagh, Lakeside, 11. Johanna Barry, Pine Valley, 9. Greg Bergeron, Tierrasanta, 9. Martin Soblick, ...

October 11 Crossword Contenders

Joseph Ciprian, San Diego, 35. Ron Meyer, Santee, 33. Martin Soblick, Del Mar, 33. Jon Christianson, El Cajon, 31. Maria Coda, Oceanside, 30. Evelyn Bowser, San Diego, 29. Dennis Butterworth, San Diego, 29. Richard Hutchings, ...

October 11 Sudoku Contenders

Elliot Rosenberg, La Jolla, 37. Sheila Brown, Golden Hill, 33. Joseph Ciprian, San Diego, 33. Thomas LaFleur, San Diego, 33. Ralph Levy, La Jolla, 33. Isabella Bosch-Sorensen, San Diego, 32. Randy Paddock, San Diego, 31. ...

A particularly Spielbergian stage show

Thumpasaurus, Parquet Courts, Andrew McMahon, New Kids on the Block

L.A. punk-n-funk rockers Thumpasaurus are the musical answer to the question “What if Pee Wee’s Playhouse had a house band featuring Parliament Funkadelic, led by Captain Beefheart?” Expect a particularly Spielbergian stage show when the ...

A conscious tone with an unusual tact

Recorded in South Africa, Latex Grenade’s The Cage “is a protest to American exceptionalism”

Legacy reputations have drawn artists to record albums at studios in Muscle Shoals, Rockfield Wales, or the Caribbean island of Montserrat. But South Africa? “We wanted to work with [South African producer/musician] Theo Crous,” explains ...

After 53 years, bassist Bob Magnusson calls it quits

Kind of Blue by Miles Davis totally blew my mind”

After 53 years of laying down the bottom end for everyone from Art Pepper to Madonna, bassist Bob Magnusson is calling it quits and withdrawing from performing in public. Magnusson came from a musical family. ...

Halloween comes every day for Michale Graves

The former Misfits lead singer continues to write ambiguous and frightening songs

It’s a familiar face, albeit one decorated from ear to ear in fright makeup. Some of you may remember Michale Graves from the Misfits. Graves, from New Jersey, won the audition for lead singer in ...

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