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Hairy, naked and swinging at cops

Marines witnessed scuffle last June

A jury trial started this week, on November 26, for a young man who allegedly punched an Oceanside police officer while naked and high on meth. The attorney for Joshua Adams Lachica, 26, suggested that ...

Follow Peñasquitos Creek as it meanders through South Poway and Sabre Springs

Take time to enjoy views of Iron Mountain, Mount Woodson and an abundance of California native plants

This is a segment of the 110-mile Trans-County Trail that follows Peñasquitos Creek as it meanders through South Poway and Sabre Springs. About half of the hike is an easy walk through coastal sage scrub ...

Not done with Clairemont and strong mayor

Letter writers don't forget – thank God

Welcome to south L.A Dense, crowded, gridlock, haphazard - all these things describe how Los Angeles has chosen to develop their city. This is the result of decades of a spoils system style of development ...

Uber joins Sempra in sugar daddy game

Barona treats Dems and Reps to free meals

Party before the storm Utility giant Sempra Energy and its subsidiary San Diego Gas & Electric, enmeshed in a bevy of California controversies — including an ongoing effort to resist so-called Community Choice Aggregation in ...

New meaning to “flying reindeer”

Miracle makes a strong case for the importance of the myth of Santa

What interests me most about Miracle on 34th Street is the way it juxtaposes belief in Santa Claus against common sense and practical thinking while expounding upon the Santa Claus archetype. Over the past six ...

Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, A Doll’s House (Part 2), Tree lighting and ice skating, Coast to Crest hike, All About Lapland, Sweden

Events November 29-December 5, 2018

Thursday | 29 Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus Memphis folk singer-guitarist Julien Baker was already forging a successful career with Forrister when she took left turn with a couple of well-received solo releases. So ...

You might not want a neighbor like Oceanside's David Herbert

Animal abuse, burglary, vandalism plague Carino Way

"I didn’t want to go over there in the first place,” David Herbert said. “Before I went over there I spoke with my HOA and contacted law enforcement asking them to help me with the ...

Raul Urreola’s night shoot

“If a scene is too complicated, too expensive, I find a way around it.”

Half past 10, Sunday night. Coronado. Just happen to walk into this parking lot outside an eatery called “Nado Republic.” Two men are standing in the lot’s shadows. One has black eye-liner and black polish ...

Float your troubles away

The launch of Loi Krathong, the basket-floating festival

The young man in his sampot chong kraben picks up a red traffic cone and uses it as a loudspeaker. “Let’s go!” He’s launching the parade around the temple grounds, kicking off Loi Krathong, the ...

Tiny rooms in Little Italy

But not for the homeless

On a Little Italy plot where a Victorian house stood for more than a century, construction of tiny apartments is underway. The house, built in the 1890s at the corner of Union and Cedar, was ...

The Mac Davis Rule

Nobody Likes a Smartass

Dear Hipster: At this point in my life, I have friends in their twenties, thirties, forties, and even fifties. Usually, I don’t think too much about the potential generation gaps that separate us. After all, ...

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