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To shoe the hoofs of death

Isaac Rosenberg’s work remains vivid and praised

Ed. Note: November 2018 marks 100 years since the end of World War I. The San Diego Reader will devote this month’s poetry columns to the poets who wrote about their experiences of that war. ...

Memorial for The Man

Stan Lee, the Creator

“The man is dead,” texted my brother on November 12. “Which man?” I answered. “The Man.” The capital “M” got my attention. “God?” “Yes. Blasphemy, but not by much. He was the Creator. Stan Lee.” ...

Green Book: Share more, wag less

A feel-good charmer poised to rake in greenbacks and Oscar gold

Directed by one half of the Farrelly Brothers, Green Book isn’t content to simply smell like a Driving Miss Daisy. Yes, it’s a feel-good charmer poised to rake in greenbacks and Oscar gold. No, that ...

Delightfully improbable scenario

Insta boomerang of self making snow angel while drinking hot rum toddy

Dear Hipster: If it snowed in San Diego this winter (I mean, in the city proper, not up in the mountains) do you think local hipsters would be into it, or would their immunity to ...

Improbably seasoned

Kid Jonny Lang didn’t sound like a kid

Blues music is appreciated even in the most un-blues-like corners of the world. North Dakota, for example. It may be possible to trace the radiation of that music into such desolate territory back to a ...

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