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Chevron, builders, and trash hauler counter union cash

San Diego Council Moreno-Martinez, Zapf-Campbell races get attention

Last minute money has been arriving in torrents during the final week of San Diego's Campaign '18 and is being spent in record amounts, funneled through a byzantine network of political committees that make it ...

What Prop 6 is repealing in San Diego

HOV lanes on Manchester Ave. and Palomar Airport Road, Viejas Creek and Pine Valley bridges

In the last few months, city council members, state legislators, unions, and city officials have been schlepping around to community meetings to voice their support for the excise tax of 12 cents per gallon that ...

Concert fatigue?

Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Orchestra last week and Tchaikovsky coming up on November 2 and 4.

The Taiwan Philharmonic played a fine, fine, concert on Wednesday, October 31, at Symphony Hall. The only problem is that it was Wednesday, October 31 and the audience attendance did not reflect the excellence of ...

Once more from Carlsbad

Trying to recreate the feel of PSA

One has to give credit for tenacity to 97-year-old Rancho Santa Fe millionaire Ted Vallas. Since 2013, he’s tried several attempts to get his Carlsbad-based California Pacific Airlines in the air. After two Federal Aviation ...

Booby traps set for Baja 1000 drivers

“You’re not going to have time to decipher between the GPS and the flags.”

On October 29, El Vigía, an Ensenada based news outlet, reported that Baja 1000 marker flags that will be guiding the race vehicles in less than two weeks — were compromised. The red SCORE flags ...

The other side of Peter Bogdanovich

"I would like to see the complete Magnificent Ambersons."

Here's more of my talk with Peter Bogdanovich. From Buster Keaton the subject shifts to what chance, if any, we have of ever seeing Jerry Lewis' notorious concentration camp clown picture, his thoughts on The ...


There’s not another actor at work who could pull off this type of blood-spattered chicanery

We celebrate the blu-ray release of Mandy and look back on a pair of game-changing middle-period Nicolas Cage pictures guaranteed to give your eyeballs a workout. Mandy (2018) Lumberjack boy (Cage) meets artistically-inclined girl (Andrea ...

“Best friend” murderer gets 80-years-to-Life

Judge: You “destroyed” life of accomplice

Yesterday afternoon, November 1, Judge Richard Monroy gave Shyrehl Joseph Wesley, now 22, the maximum sentence for killing his “best friend” a year ago. Wesley was sentenced to 80-years-to-life. The murderer was out on parole ...

North Park tear-downs push infill

Developers cranking out pricey apartments

Developers can’t seem to acquire building sites in North Park fast enough. Vacant lots are rare, so old structures have to come tumbling down. The latest case in point: The Progressive Health Services building, a ...

The golden age of small batch scoops

Stella Jean's is giving ice cream a new look

Let’s just call this what it is: a golden era for ice cream in San Diego. Made from scratch ice cream parlors have been opening up left and right this year, and the latest neighborhood ...

Is man by nature good or evil?

The Book of Rites is part of the core Confucian canon

The Book of Rites As ruling over all, under the sky, (the king) is called “The son of Heaven.” …His death is announced in the words, “The king by (the grace of) Heaven has fallen.” ...

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