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A pair of masterful mutts

The pup’s POV is about as Hitchcockian as it gets

A pair of masterful mutts followed by a spot of roadkill. Pard and Bohunk are both available on Amazon. Stream them tonight. Benji fell out of copyright. Consult YouTube. High Sierra (1941) Legend had it ...

Doctor reprimanded for not reporting girl’s woes

To Child Protective Services

The Medical Board of California has given a public reprimand to Diane Darlene Wong, M.D. for not reporting a girl’s genital problems to Child Protective Services. Dr. Wong treated a girl, born in 2003, for ...

Angry PB residents don’t like mayor’s plan

But the state may nullify any rules

A meeting turned testy Wednesday night as leaders of three different groups vied for the support of the Pacific Beach Planning Group on their concerns with and opposition to the new plan for short term ...

Sañjaya Belatthiputta

"Both... neither exists nor doesn’t exist after death"

Sañjaya Belatthiputta

Campy names for serious beers

The pride of Hillcrest Brewing is a scotch ale

It’s noon on a warm Sunday, and I’ve just come from pinching produce at the Hillcrest Farmers Market to quench my thirst a flight at Hillcrest Brewing Company. It’s a journey of about twelve feet. ...