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How Lao can you go?

Adventurously eating around the honeycomb

This was my first time in a Laotian restaurant, so I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. “Actually,” said the guy manning the counter of Bane Phonkeo’s, “a lot of dishes on Thai ...

Throw your J hooks away

Bluefin tuna continue to taunt, tease and torture

Dock Totals June 17 – June 23: 4,457 anglers aboard 155 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 228 bluefin tuna, 1 yellowfin tuna, 2,948 yellowtail, 40 white seabass (30 released), 2,200 ...

County neurosurgeon Lokesh Tantuwaya

Indicted for taking $3.2 million in kickbacks

The United States Attorney’s office in Santa Ana announced June 14 that several Southern California doctors have been indicted for taking kickbacks in a scheme centered around Pacific Hospital in Long Beach. Thousand of patients ...

Smarter with each pour

Learn about yeasts, enzymes, and brut IPA

There’s an oft repeated myth in our country that alcohol kills brain cells. Not only is that claim bunk, but in some instances, drinking a few beers can actually make you smarter. Case in point: ...

Advocates for Youth gets the boot

Oceanside Unified suspends sex ed program for grades K-6

Oceanside Unified School District suspended sexual health instruction for grades K-6 Monday (June 18) after getting feedback from parents and community members through an online and written survey. Acting Superintendent Reggie Thompkins announced, “The district ...

Switchfoot surf jousting at Moonlight Beach

Kinda like Nerf

Minnesota placekicker Fred Cox invented the Nerf football in 1972. Nerf soon became associated with safe and soft athletics. Today, the weapon of choice for surf jousting is not actually a Nerf product; the soft ...

Horn shark egg on sand in OB

Put it back in water as deep as possible

If you find what looks like a corkscrew along the beach, you’ve most likely stumbled upon a horn shark egg. Mating season for horn sharks generally occurs in December or January and from February through ...

Encinitans storm city council till 2 am

Cardiff neighbors win point on Lake Drive

Over 250 residents packed the Encinitas city council chambers, an overflow room, and a large patio outside city hall. 90 speakers signed up to address the council. At issue at the June 20 meeting, California’s ...

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