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The secondhand brewery market

Closures and divestments create low-cost opportunities

Monkey Paw Brewing is for sale, by its second owner. Less than a year after founder Scot Blair sold a majority stake of his award-winning East Village brewpub to Coronado Brewing Company, Coronado announced via ...

Convention center donor's styrofoam agenda

Will Dart’s cash pierce city’s wall?

The day before San Diego city councilmembers Chris Ward and Barbara Bry rolled out a sure-to-be-controversial proposal to ban so-called expanded polystyrene food and beverage containers in the city, an American plastics heavyweight weighed in ...

Bird traps out all weekend at Mission Beach

Mem Day scooter accidents and arrests

“A guy came into our store and said he got a $300 ticket,” Judy said. Her 18-year-old co-worker Corey Winkle confirmed. “Everything that’s motorized requires a helmet,” he said, “and another thing is that the ...

Rincon-related mobster DiFronzo dies

Investigation led to Silberman money laundering

One-time reputed Chicago mob boss John “No Nose” DiFronzo died at 89 May 28, according to the Chicago Tribune. In 1992, a number of mobsters were indicted for conspiring to gain control of the Rincon ...

San Diego Symphony finale

Brahms, de Waart, and the symphony rode off into a brilliant sunset

The San Diego Symphony’s 2017-18 Jacobs Masterworks Series came to a satisfying conclusion with concerts on May 25, 26, and 27. The concerts were conducted by maestro Edo de Waart who, you might recall, was ...

Romance on the rocks

Maybe the On Chesil Beach kids should have stayed at the Carlyle, and other new movie releases

Love is hard. Sometimes, it's going well, and the past intrudes in unexpected ways. Sometimes, it's going well, and you hit an unexpected squall. Sometimes, it's going well, and someone murders your wife and all ...

Johnny Rocks

Three instructional sessions from the school of hard Knoxville

This week’s column celebrates the opening of Action Point (and my interview with Johnny Knoxville) with a trio of non-Jackass related titles. All three available for rent on Amazon. The Ringer (2005) After Jackass: The ...

Johnny Knoxville, helicopter parent

"When they say something naughty, I’m laughing harder than anyone. But when it comes to their safety, I get really squirrely."

When a newscaster comes on the radio to report on a robbery foiled by an officer on duty, my mind instantly leaps to an image of a cop standing in a pile of doody. Needless ...

Ninja librarian

Bijan Nowroozian does preschool story time but trains at The Mountain and SDSU

On June 6 at about 8 p.m., some children and their parents that frequent the North Park Library, will be in for a big surprise if their television sets are tuned in to NBC 7. ...

Electricity theft next to Tuna Harbor

Fights, jet ski collision, overloaded dinghy, graffiti at Hilton

May 23 Harbor Police responded to Marina Cortez [Harbor Island] for two subjects physically fighting. Harbor Police found one of the subjects pushed the other into the water. Both subjects declined to press charges on ...

A rare lamb burrito sighting

Barbacoa steamed six hours in cactus leaves

There are only a few restaurants around the country dedicated to making lamb barbacoa, and most have found their way onto my to-do list. But what I’d yet to find was any Mexican eatery serving ...

Why vacancies in Hillcrest?

The macro vs. the micro view

We’ve all seen commercial spaces, some at large shopping centers, strip malls or standalone, which either remain vacant or have a lot of turnover. Businesses come and go, with months of vacancies in between. Are ...

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