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Let's hope she doesn't run aground

Show boat replaces customs enforcer

Her length, including bowsprit, is 145 feet, though when considering just her hull at 130 feet by 24 feet, the Californian, a replica of the mid-nineteenth century Revenue Cutter C.W. Lawrence, weighs in at one ...

Massive yellowfin tuna caught off Loreto

Why yellowtail off Point Loma showing up small

Dock Totals Jan 7 – Jan 13: 1,168 anglers aboard 66 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 127 bluefin tuna, 1,584 yellowtail, 82 calico bass, 303 sand bass, 568 rockfish, 1 ...

Without Villainous Lair, gamers adrift

Comic-store closure will leave some players with "nowhere to go"

“Deep crushedness is the general feel around here,” said Matt Bantelman. “I’ve gone out of the way to not mention it this evening because everyone’s trying to play [games] and have fun, and then inevitably ...

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