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Lunch at Green Dragon Tavern & Museum

A year and a half ago I attended a special dining event at Green Dragon Tavern & Museum, and I’d been meaning to get back to sample from the regular menu. But, because it's all ...

Carlsbad husband claims wife got bruised in jiu jitsu class

“Rear naked choke hold”

The attorney for Juan S., 40, suggested that his wife got those bruises on her throat during her Brazilian jiu jitsu classes. Prosecutor Jared Coleman alleged that Mrs. S. was injured when her husband choked ...

Short on seats, big on beer

Encinitas' crowded barstools speak for themselves

The city of Encinitas hasn’t been 100-percent welcoming to local breweries eyeing its downtown retail district along the Coast Highway. The local planning committee is hesitant to permit any brewery presence, and even when it ...

Safety last in SDSU labs, state audit finds

Asbestos, bad air, shower stations plague research thrust

How safe is it for students and faculty in the laboratories of San Diego State University? Not enough, concludes an April 24 report by California state auditor Elaine Howle blasting the school and three other ...

A five-star farewell for Abbas Kiarostami

The late director's final work, 24 Frames, makes a movie from his photographs

Just moments before I headed out the door for a screening of I Feel Pretty, an email arrived from the Digital Gym containing a link to 24 Frames, the final film signed by the late ...

Have a seat on the Dusty Futon

Salty players who don't give a sh*t

Jon Gates had a lot of on-air practice while he was working as a producer on the Bob and Coe morning show on KGB 101.5. Outside of the studio, he developed a rapport with Tyler ...

RIP "Kitten" Johnson of CYKA & Pharmacy

Longtime local's unexpected passing

"Kitten" Johnson's unexpected passing

Oceanfront fraud

Ten years old but never been occupied

How about an opportunity to own a nearly-new oceanfront estate in south La Jolla for less than half the original asking price? The home at 5490 Calumet Avenue sits just two doors north of Calumet ...

Los Kung Fu Monkeys' t-shirts sell out before other bands'

Ska still enjoys a big live fan base

Tarek Limas well-timed the opening of his Mods Bar and Venue three years ago in Tijuana. Limas, one of the three original members of the Tijuana based ska/punk band Los Kung Fu Monkeys, re-imagined the ...

Up-and-comers and come-back-arounders

Cults, Gin Blossoms, Brian Setzer, Ugly God, Faust

It’s worth noting that San Diego has developed an interlinked web of small to mid-size music venues that share promoters and book shows at each other’s rooms. Casbah Presents has a particularly fertile relationship with ...

Happy Ron Hill's raspy voice

"Breathe that fresh air, we got plenty to spare"

“I’ve been playing this song for years, literally a thousand times, and it’s probably the second most popular of all my songs,” says acoustic troubadour Happy Ron Hill of his new studio recording and video ...

Pink Talking Fish nails the tricky Triple Tribute

I half-expected to see flying pigs during their Floyd covers

The name of the band says it all: Pink Talking Fish is three tributes in one. The band re-creates the music of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, and Phish. But not by playing one song at ...