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Can carne asada fries be non-traditional?

A Mexican restaurant redux

We were walking around the Gaslamp looking for lunch when my friend spied a waiter, on his way to deliver food to a diner seated on a restaurant patio. It was a large, fat burrito, ...

Sports in San Diego is not a way of life

Why The Fan radio will have tough time

The news that shock jock Kevin Klein was fired before he even started his first day on the new “97-3 The Machine” was not surprising to photographer Jesse Cuevas. He took the shot of the ...

Who’s about the kids and who’s about the money?

San Diego school district loses money if charters approved

On April 3 the San Diego Unified School Board granted the charter school petition of National University Academy 1001 STEAM, the first approval of a charter school new to the district in over four years. ...

C.W. Kim's Sundial House

Local architect's home is his "finest and most personal work of art."

From its perch on Mount Soledad above La Jolla Country Club, the Sundial House, as the estate at 7191 Encelia Drive is monikered, enjoys “brilliant design and panoramic views” of the San Diego coastline. The ...

Two poems by Helen Hunt Jackson

"A Calendar of Sonnets: April" and "How Was It"

A Calendar of Sonnets: April No days such honored days as these! While yet Fair Aphrodite reigned, men seeking wide For some fair thing which should forever bide On earth, her beauteous memory to set ...

Blown away by a metaphysical whirlwind

Hirokazu Kore-Eda's latest at the Asian Film Festival's Spring Showcase

With its overall superb yearly batting average, the San Diego Asian Film Festival Spring Showcase, now in its 8th year, generally heralds the last gasp of quality moviegoing at the multiplex before the summer season ...

The genesis of Malachi Henry

Americana before it was cool

Moving to Charlotte, North Carolina seemed like a good idea at the time. Harmonica player Ben Hernandez and fellow San Diegan singer/guitarist Nathan James had established an international presence as a rootsy blues duo by ...

Point Loma happy hour tour

Stopping to snack in the magic hour

Hurry-up time: Have to hit happy hour because, well, this is Point Loma. Million-dollar yachts, hundred-dollar eateries. Can’t afford full-freight. I’m here for three days. Work. So, hey, three chances at happy hour happiness! Day ...

Max Greenhalgh learned more in L.A. than S.D.

The multi-instrumentalist/producer/songwriter wanted to be all-in

Although he admits he almost gave up and moved back to North County, Max Greenhalgh says he is happy that he stuck it out and stayed in L.A. to pursue music. “It was a big ...

Will Live steal the show from the Crows?

Upcoming: Big Sam's Funky Nation, Tory Lanez, Fear, Counting Crows, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

If ever a band name fully complied with all truth in advertising laws, it’s Big Sam’s Funky Nation. Titular singer-trombonist Big Sam Williams is indeed large, both physically and sonically, there’s Bootsy-level funk afoot, and ...

Hipsters with guitars

This is likely the future, music that will not go easily into a simple category

Fruition is a five-piece act that is often labeled a bluegrass-alt country-jam band, and depending on one’s point of reference, the band can fit into any or all of those genres. Fruition’s three-piece vocal harmony ...

Memorable brushes with fame

San Diego musicians recall meeting famous colleagues

We asked several locals to share their most memorable brushes with fame. Dave Gladish (Ristband): “I once met Rickey Medlocke of Blackfoot and Skynyrd in the Fort Myers airport. I told him I was playing ...

Chicken Pie Shop 80 years later

To-go, delivery, and four social media posts a week

This year marks the 80th anniversary of San Diego Chicken Pot Pie Shop being in business. “After the Peking Restaurant (circa 1931) closed last year,” said Lisa Townsend, “we became the fourth oldest restaurant that ...

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