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Yes, that Harrington has been charged

Financial whiz of local airwaves allegedly took client cash, falsified docs

Investigators for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (better known as FINRA) have charged Michael Patrick Harrington of San Diego's Harrington Capital Management and a Bridgehampton, New York, brokerage with taking $20,000 without authorization from a ...

Imperial Beach welcomes LimeBike tentatively

"Who takes care of that situation, if they're blocking sidewalks?"

As other beach areas shed their bikesharing stations, with 15 to be removed this week, Imperial Beach is paving ground for the new wave; dockless. On September 6, the Imperial Beach City Council passed a ...

Feds get J. Douglass Jennings Jr. to confess

Bankrupt, disbarred attorney admits to tax evasion and fraud

J. Douglass Jennings Jr., a tax planner who went bankrupt and was disbarred, but continued practicing as an accountant, today (September 11) pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud and and tax evasion. Jennings, a resident of ...

College Area excluded from granny-flat permitting?

Ordinance would make parking situation worse, says councilmember

San Diego city councilmember Georgette Gomez, a longtime champion of affordable housing, believes the College Area surrounding San Diego State University should be off limits for construction of granny flats. In an August 27 memo ...

The stuffed cookie wait is over

Refillable jars on G Street

For months I'd been taunted by the online traces of the Good Stuff Cookie Co. The pop-up cookie shop serves up stuffed cookies from inside East Village's idiosyncratic men's apparel boutique, 5&A Dime. At least ...

You need the right gear for big-shoulders bluefin

"We are going for lifetime opportunities”

Dock Totals Sept 3 – Sept 9: 4,672 anglers aboard 188 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 1,334 bluefin tuna, 696 yellowfin tuna, 345 skipjack tuna, 202 dorado, 2,500 yellowtail, 1,471 ...

Where will future Chula Vistans go to school?

Massive growth expected, but no funding for new high school

Chula Vista expects up to 7397 new housing units by 2022, predominantly in the east, but the Sweetwater Union High School District still doesn’t have land or funding for a new high school. The district ...

OMBAC's Classic Longboard contest at Crystal Pier

Ready for a nine-foot board?

The Classic Longboard Surfing Contest, held in the waves aside Crystal Pier this Saturday, is sponsored by the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club. The club was formed and operated in the early 1950s, mostly as ...

Point Loma fourplex controversy not done yet

"It makes developers look bad, and I'll just leave it at that."

The housing project on the corner of Emerson and Evergreen streets in the Roseville neighborhood of Point Loma has had more ups and downs and twists and turns than a roller coaster. The fourplex has ...

It can be dangerous in Windansea

Come out when it’s flat and find out where all the rocks are

Name: William Farris Age: 34 Location: Windansea Beach It was a crowded day in Windansea when I caught up to William Farris, on the corner of Neptune and Fern Glen. The San Diegan started surfing ...

Senate bill sneak

Passage could mean more coal-fired power for California

The state senate on Friday (September 9) amended a bill that could cramp California's plans for clean energy, say critics. The bill would set up a regional independent system operator to replace the current California ...

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