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Dr. Lizerbram heading prestigious Jewish fund

FPA disaster goes unmentioned

Dr. Sol Lizerbram this fall takes over as president of the Jewish National Fund — the first person west of the Mississippi River to attain that post. The fund raises money to help Israel. He ...

Devil in details of Carlsbad divorce case

Split involved shooter in bushes and young boy

A divorce between a Carlsbad couple that began in 2014 was interrupted by gunfire more than two years later. Diana Jean Lovejoy, 44, is set to go on trial tomorrow (October 17). She has pleaded ...

Extreme Sailing Series Act 7 — spectators will get good look

Kiteboards to join hydrofoils at Harbor Island

In 2013 Team USA’s Oracle, a hydrofoil fitted catamaran flew around San Francisco Bay and won the America’s Cup. By 2016, the Extreme 40, a sleek carbon fiber conventional catamaran, was replaced by the hydrofoil-equipped ...

Bonito bite excellent — good bait for lobster hoop-netters

San Diego fishing totals October 8-14

Dock Totals Oct 8 – Oct 14: 3,793 anglers aboard 165 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 139 bluefin tuna, 4,815 yellowfin tuna, 1,331 skipjack tuna, 469 dorado, 2,164 yellowtail, 1 ...

Justice for Jacob protest draws cops

Police say they’ve exhausted all leads in youth’s murder

On Friday, October the 13th, around five in the evening, a group of about 30 protesters gathered in front of the National City Police Department headquarters on National City Boulevard holding banners and signs reading ...

All you need to know about celebrities

Matthew Alice on Bob Dylan sunglasses, Rose Kennedy bathing suit, Pancho Villa's head, Bogart as Gerber baby, OJ Simpson evidence, presidents who smoked

Robert White owns Rose Kennedy bathing suit but not JFK assassination suit The man driving the 1961 custom X-100 Lincoln Continental convertible was William Greer. According to a 1983 Associated Press interview, Greer joined the ...