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Local lawyers disciplined by State Bar

One shoots a taser, another injures spouse

Seven county lawyers have been disciplined by the California State Bar, according to the October issue of the California Lawyer Magazine. Kevin Matthew Kirby of San Diego was arrested after he fired a taser at ...

Mission Brewery's growth acceleration plan

Fundraising campaign offers a look at financial disclosures

East Village beer-maker Mission Brewery counted 43 investors when it launched a fundraising campaign on crowdfunding website on Monday, October 2nd. Four days later, Mission had added 130 new investors to its ranks, and ...

History of San Diego, 1930s

Local WPA and CCC workers, the famous diva Schumann-Heinck, letters from a Depression housewife, a wilder San Diego, what women wore

Was the WPA a Boondoggle or Saving Grace? It's hard to look around San Diego and not see evidence of the WPA: the city library, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the dredging of Mission Bay (and ...

Oaks bring fall to Cuyamaca, Laguna, and Palomar mountains

Pinkish or purplish, hibiscus-like flowers bloom on pink floss

The Floss Silk Tree, a conspicuous “autumn bloomer” here and there around San Diego, has been showing off its pinkish or purplish, hibiscus-like flowers for a few weeks. The broad, heavy trunks of this South ...