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Friend of Doug digs deep against SoccerCity

Mission Valley developers pour cash into San Diego State measure

A political committee calling itself Friends of SDSU has vowed to raise sufficient signatures for a measure on next November's ballot to do battle with SoccerCity's initiative regarding privatization of the city-owned Mission Valley venue ...

Savagewood sops up O'Sullivan Bros. beer operation

Scripps Ranch doesn't lose a brand, it gains a brewery

After three years in business, O’Sullivan Bros. Brewing Company closed its doors in October — sort of. The Scripps Ranch brewery was purchased by Savagewood Brewing Company, which started serving its own beers out of ...

One of the Kings Men down

Car-club members remember drag-strip buddy John Scheunemann

In the 1950s and ’60s, the Kings Men Car Club of Solana Beach dominated the Southern California drag-racing scene. Most of the club’s members, at one time numbering up to 30, caught the racing bug ...

Energy 103.7 gets cranked down-dial

New ownership gives Top 40 station a swift country kick

Listeners of Energy 103.7 were given a rude awakening Friday, November 17, when they discovered their favorite station wasn’t playing the hits by Pink, Kesha, and the Chainsmokers. Instead they were hit with some country ...

Local protest of child marriage in Iraq

Gathering in El Cajon condemns proposed change in Middle-Eastern law

A local imam, a city councilman, Iraqi-Americans, and their American friends protested child marriage Friday evening (November 17) in El Cajon. They gathered to speak out against a proposal in the Iraqi Parliament that would ...

A sea hare, a gulper eel, and a colony of sea pork

Ocean oddities coming out of nowhere

A sea hare, a gulper eel, and a colony of what looks like sea pork have all turned up recently on the San Diego coast, keeping local scientists busy. In early October, a beachgoer at ...

Escondido trout to come from Sierra foothills

Dixon to get 33,000 pounds, Wohlford 25,000 from Snelling trout farm

It won’t be a record-breaking trout season at Escondido’s lakes this winter, but the number of fish available for angler’s stringers will multiply greatly. Over the summer, the city received three bids from hatcheries to ...

Grattitude bus roams O.B.

Ex-tech guy puts on the Peter, Paul & Mary and explains his dreamy mission

Last week, the “Grattittude” bus made the rounds in Ocean Beach, moving from lot-to-lot, wrapped in a banner that was very hard to miss. And, no, that’s not a typo, “Grattitude is an attitude,” as ...

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